10 Things to do in Durban for Under R110

Gone are the days when locals or visitors in Durban would moan and complain that there was very little to do in the little city besides going to the beach and shopping centres! Nowadays, you will actually battle to keep your days activity-free – and you know you’re winning when it costs you less than R110…

Durban is known for it’s awesome weather, so it only makes sense to spend your days outside – and being a bit of a fitness freak, I have found that Durban; its ideal weather and the multitude of outdoor activities it has to offer, fits in perfectly with me and many others who call this sunny place home!


Keen to spend some time at the Stadium without blowing the bank? You can still conquer the arch by going on an adventure walk and climbing the 500 steps to get to the very top of the arch, where the panamoric views of Durban await you! R90 gets you access to the arch, and the arch is open for walks on weekends at 10:00am,13:00 and 15:00.

Keen to go on an all-access stadium tour and experience the stadium from within instead? You get to walk on the actual field, in the changerooms and more for only R90 (adults), on any day except Monday, from 12:00 – 13:30, 14:00 – 15:30.MOSES-MABHIDA-STADIUM-Durban


Mountain biking or trail running your thing? Be sure to head to Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park  in Hillcrest where you can enjoy everything from BMXing to mountain biking; hiking and running – all within a 40km mountain bike trail! Get lost in the forestry for the entire day for a mere R40 (Adults) or only R10 if you are running! You can then recover over an awesome meal and cappuccino at their Giba Café!


If, like me, you LOVE Durban Beachfront’s Golden Mile but find walking up and down slightly ‘slow-paced’; you can stop at an awesome spot called ‘The Bike & Bean’ and hire a bike, tandem bike, skateboard, longboard, roller skates or go-kart instead! What’s great is that you can cycle all the way from Ushaka Marine World to Suncoast Casino, Moses Mabhida Stadium and even to the Umgeni River! Prices range from R50 – R100 for the hour and make your beachfront experience so much more enjoyable with a bit of salty wind being blown through your hair!


One of the obvious choices when in Durban is to do what Durban does best – beach! Enjoy the day soaking up some Vitamin D, and then stop off at Afro’s Chicken for a chicken burger or strips and “Tjips” for just R36! Not a fan of the waves? Take a dip at The Rachel Finalyson Salt Water pools instead – the cost being a mere R8 to enter.

Durban Beach photo by oldeani0 pixaby

photo by oldeani0 via pixaby



Never thought you’d the see the day that you got the chance to experience a romanitc ride on a gondola? Well, thanks to Zulumoon Gondolas , you can now go on a casual ride through Durban’s Waterfront canal for just R50pp! Romantic night rides are a bit more expensive – but totally worth it if you find yourself stuck for any special ideas to spoil your better half – Valentines Day perhaps?

Durban markets and dining with a difference social good


Who said eating out had to be expensive?! Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or supper, you can get a freshly-made, local meal when visiting one of these markets found all over Durban:

Keen to check out a few virtual tours of some of the places mentioned above? Click here to take a look at Ushaka Marine World, the  Umhlanga Beachfront; the Midmar Dam; the Moses Mabhida Stadium and more!

This article was updated in 2017.

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