Thailand is a beautiful kingdom with magnificent islands, but the island of Koh Samui is the most famous and most eventful of them all, and it gained this reputation for a good reason. First of all you need to find a house for rent in Samui. There is a little something for everyone to do there, and the versatile experiences the island offers do not serve the purpose of nearly passing the time, but rather provide truly meaningful and fulfilling adventures. It would probably take to write a book in order to describe them all, but this list of 10 will do just fine in demonstrating the island true potential.

The Big Buddha Temple

Although not everyone is interested in temples, the Big Buddha Temple is a shame to miss. This wondrous 12 meter temple sits on a corner of the island and gives a kind  smile to anyone passing or standing by. The big statue of smiling Buddha made of gold is placed in the Mara position, which signifies a rejection of all temptations, but it’s quite difficult to resist the temptation of visiting this astounding statue.

The Namuang Waterfall

For all the nature lovers, this sight will fit like a glove with your desires. The two waterfalls that can be found there are named Na Muang 1 and Na Muang 2. The first one you can swim at, and the second is a beautiful to look at. There are other things you can do nearby – shop at the small food stall and the souvenir hut. This place is ideal for those who wish to stay away from flocks of tourists and grab themselves a little peace and quiet.

The Hin Ta and Hin Yai

If you don’t know what this is about, you are probably thinking we are talking about certain parks, beaches, temples or lakes, right? Well, you are in for a big surprise. Thailand and especially Koh Samui indeed have a lot of power to surprise their visitors, but perhaps nothing surprises them as Hin Ta and Hin Yai. So what are those? There are stones that look like female and male genitalia, and they are naturally shaped to look so. The stones are affectionately named Grandpa (Ta) and Grandma (Yai). There’s a story behind this natural wonder which speaks of an ancient couple that came here to inquire about their daughter’s marriage and died in a tragic boat accident after which they washed up on the shore in the shapes of these stones.

The Koh Samui spas

If you are more into something not quite so adventurous and are maybe more keen on relaxing, wonderful Koh Samui spas are the right choice for you. The spas in resorts offer the best services, because you will also receive massage services there. And there are many of those spas – all over the island, actually, so there is a good chance you won’t be squeezing in with a lot of people, making the relaxing experience even more genuine.

Crocodile shows

Back to the adventurous things once more. Let’s imagine you’ve had a spa treatment. You will enjoy the famous Koh Samui crocodile shows even better after you are all relaxed and rested. At the Crocodile Farm you will see a lot of animals, such as Siamese and saltwater crocodiles, snakes, lizards, caimans, monkeys and more. You will also be able to treat yourself to the experience of watching courageous performers shove their hands and faces into the mouths of these crocodiles and play with snakes.


Just when you look at the pictures of people kitesurfing at Koh Samui, you kind of wish you could do it to. And you can do it even better in Koh Samui, because the water is not wavy and it doesn’t hide jellyfish and rocks, which makes the kitesurfing, or kiteboarding as it’s more known, a glorious experience.

Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

One of the things Thailand is the most known for, and for a good reason, because the shows are truly eyecatching. They are beautiful and elegant spectacles for all ages, but during the moments of erotic dances, children should probably have their eyes closed. Nevertheless, these ladyboys are not just about titillation; their artistic performances attract a large and versatile audience.

Koh Samui beaches, bars and pubs

As the night approaches, people usually want a little taste of the country’s nightlife, and Koh Samui is one big party. There are certainly numerous places to go to, but you’ll probably have the best time at Full Moon party near Koh Phangan and Half Moon and Black Moon on Koh Samui.

Koh Samui night markets

Partying is not the only thing one can do during the nightime in Koh Samui. You can go shopping late at night; the island is alive and vibrant even for those who have a weakness for spending money. You can go to Central Festival Mall in Chaweng, Lamai Night Walking Street and Chaweng Night Market to gain a truly unique shopping experience.

The mummified monk

The mummified monk is among the most amazing tourist attractions you can come across in Koh Samui. Placed on display at the Wat Khunaram Temple, the sitting monk tells the story of a Buddhist in the middle of a meditation session. This astounding sight will offer you a truly unique view of the cultural and historic tradition of Koh Samui.

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