Waxing is the hero of all hair removal methods. Warm wax is applied to the skin and sticks to the hair. WAXologists then use the wax to pull the hair from the root – removing the entire hair from the follicle.
Regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or even a seasoned client, when it comes to waxing, you’re guaranteed to have some questions.
With so many conflicting dos and don’ts for waxing, it can be hard to sift through to find the facts.
We reached out to Michelle Bittkau, Marketing Manager of WAXIT SA, and asked her to share her top 10 tips and facts when it comes to waxing.
TIP 1: What’s the difference between Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood? Well, Bikini (or Beach Ready) is the most modest: Hair will that extends outside of the panty line or crease of your thigh is removed. A Brazilian (or South American Smile as we like to call it) is for the more adventurous: A thin strip of hair is left down the middle of the bikini area, and a Hollywood is for the wild: All hair will be removed including that in between your bum cheeks.
TIP 2: Some people feel pain more than others when it comes to waxing, but you can expect a short, stinging sensation after the strip is pulled.
TIP 3: You can take an ibuprofen or aspirin about 30 minutes before your appointment to minimise your discomfort. Always consult with your physician before taking medications.
TIP 4: Continuous waxing lessens the amount of hair you have, so waxing will get less painful every time.
TIP 5: Pregnant and not sure if you can go for a wax? Of course you can! We love making our pregnant clients comfortable during their waxing experience. Just remember that we may need more time as your skin will be more sensitive than normal.
TIP 6: For best results we recommend waxing every 4 weeks – this obviously depends on where you’re being waxed and on your individual hair growth pattern.
TIP 7: Ingrown hairs are wimpy hairs that are too weak to push through the skin – causing inflammation. The best way to prevent this from happening is to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. At WAXIT, we have a variety of products available (including body washes, exfoliators and serums) to help minimise this condition.
TIP 8: You are charged per service, not by amount of hair you have!
TIP 9: Waxing does not make your hair grow back thicker and darker. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Hair that is removed at the roots grows in finer and softer over time.
TIP 10: If waxing is done consistently, hair grows back slower, finer, and sparser. Shaving cuts the hair off at the skin so the quantity and thickness of the hair stays the same. It can also increase skin sensitivity and cause more ingrown hairs. Electrolysis and laser hair removal don’t work for everyone and can be unpredictable and expensive.
“At WAXIT, we love waxing so much, we’ve gone one step further to create a franchise opportunity. Our franchise opportunities are designed to have you open, trained and running from 45-60 days of signing the agreements. From comprehensive training to ongoing mentorship, marketing strategies and products, we give you all the tools you need to run and grow your own hair removal franchise. A unique smooth business opportunity is now available. Our spirit of perfection continues and will be carried over into the WAXIT franchise offer. This is an exciting opportunity to become a franchisee in your community with the support of an experienced and committed franchisor,” adds Michelle.
At WAXIT, their WAXITologists® are there to make your experience as comfortable as possible. They’ll lend you their ears if you would like to chat, but if you would like to relax, their rooms are equipped with music to help you relax.
Whether it’s low-rise jeans, itsy bitsy bikinis or button downs, WAXIT makes sure you achieve your best look – smooth.
To book an appointment at your nearest branch, visit https://www.waxit.co.za/store-locator