Paris Fashion Week: The Last Show

Paris Fashion Week will conclude my coverage of 2017’s Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collections. Throughout the past month, the industry has debuted some of the best looks [alongside some not-so-great looks]. Paris Fashion Week is going for the W as some of the biggest names in the industry hit the catwalk in the beloved French city.

For Paris Fashion Week, the attires that were walked down the runway were breathtakingly beautiful. I think we can all agree that Chanel’s rainy-day inspired collection was nearly spot on and flawless. Models were dressed in head to toe rainwear such as: rain coats, rain hats, rain gloves and, you guessed it, wellies – all transparent. Of course, Chanel also kept with their OG tweed sets which, to be fair, might have been boring without the rainy-day theme. The glossy and bright makeup accompanied by the “wet hair” look was perhaps more eye-catching than the clothing itself! I’m not mad about it.

Chanel design at Paris Fashion Week 2017

Image by Yannis Vlamos / via

I’ve always fancied Miu Miu – primarily for the bags. The clothing, however, didn’t completely take me away this time around. The collection was pretty, sure, but there wasn’t anything entirely special about the collection that will stick with me as time goes on, especially by the time Spring rolls around. The patterns are elaborate, the layering is obvious but all I can really say is ‘meh’. I know that it sounds odd to be ‘bored’ with loud designs but I really am just that. Overall, I’d still wear pieces from the collection, but if my money is going towards a high fashion brand, I’d rather it not be for Miu Miu.

Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week

Image by Monica Feudi / via

The ‘wet hair’ look must be the theme for this Spring 2018 because Alexander McQueen, as well as Chanel, are incorporating this into their collection. I’m actually REALLY here for it. Although it’s maybe not the most ideal or achievable look on someone like myself – as I might end up looking like a wet dog, it’s actually super stunning when styled by professionals and sported by some of the most prestigious runway models in the industry.

 “Style is self-expression with creativity and showmanship — something that makes you memorable and makes people want to imitate you.” -Eleanor Lambert

Alexander McQueen is probably one of my favorite brands in the biz as of right now because current creative director Sarah Burt [since McQueen’s passing in 2010] are able to take trends and turn them into their own. Nothing is too cookie cutter or without risk. When there’s high fashion, there’s risk. If designers are looking to really ‘wow’ audiences and buyers, they have to be willing to take fashion risks or they’ll end up forgotten – that’s just the honest truth. This Spring 2018, ruffles are the thing. Although ruffles can be viewed as immature and childish, if done correctly they can be a massive fashion statement – proving to be both sophisticated and glamorous.

Alexander McQueen at 2017 Paris Fashion Week

Image by Kim WestonArnold / via

The collection I adore the most for Fashion Week Spring 2018 is none other than Céline. If I could embody the trends I’ve been pursuing since the start of the year, this collection would represent it perfectly – if not even better! It’s really hard to fall in love with every piece of one collection so I find this to be a rarity. From oversized blazers and shirts, to long-line skirts and trousers, Céline’s Phoebe Philo has stolen my heart and she isn’t giving it back anytime soon! I don’t care that this collection is for Spring 2018 – I would love to see these looks incorporated around the clock, 365 days a year.

Celine at Paris Fashion Week 2017

Image by Monica Feudi / via

As sad as it is to see Fashion Week come to an end, it just means we are one step closer to more creative designs and designers to fawn over yet again! However, we will have to wait until February. As Fashion’s First Lady, Eleanor Lambert once said:  “Style is self-expression with creativity and showmanship — something that makes you memorable and makes people want to imitate you.”

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