September Fashion Week: The Big Four

The most exciting time of the year for fashion lovers resides in the most beloved time of Fashion Week in the four major cities (otherwise known as the Big Four): New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. Twice a year in February and September, these major cities celebrate the notorious Fashion Week — which introduce upcoming seasonal trends presented by the best designers in the business. I covered all the details in the September 2017 / Spring: Ready To Wear 2018 fashion shows, from NYC all the way to Paris.

New York City

As a newly New York City gal, I was over the moon to write about NYFW. Nothing makes me happier than designers who take that big leap of faith into setting new trends for the seasons ahead. New York Fashion Week presented some of the most beautiful and innovative pieces on the runway, so obviously I gave a spectacular review! Of course, as I’m only human, I wasn’t vibing with all of it per se [*cough, cough* Fenty x Puma]; but overall, it was a spectacular way to start off the tradition of Fashion Week.

Desigual RTW Spring 2018

Images by Giavanni Gianonni for

London Fashion Week

I’ve mentioned before that I have a great respect for all forms of art and I give designers the benefit of the doubt momentarily, before giving any harsh criticism. Weirdly enough, I found that LDNFW had better street style by the attendees than the actual pieces that were strutted down the catwalk by professional models. I take into account that I’m not the only human who loves fashion, therefore styling is going to differ person-to-person; however, what I found to be bothersome was particularly the flawed tailoring and ill-fitting garments that didn’t look intentional.  What’s the word I’m looking for? Sloppy?

Christopher Kane at London Fashion Week 2017

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold / via

Milan Fashion Week

Looking back, [in my opinion] Milan Fashion Week debuted the best designs. Certainly it isn’t by a long shot, but nonetheless. What I admired most about the clothes in MFW for Spring 2018 was the brilliant use of color and normalcy. A large portion of the collections showed could all be easily worn and without second thought. It’s difficult to wear high fashion regularly as there’s a rather distinct flair about it. I found that each outfit gave me a time and place in my head immediately of where I could wear these looks – especially Versace, might I add.

Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Last but not least: Paris Fashion Week. This was the final show of the glorious Fashion Weeks that I had the pleasure of writing about. The designer’s at Paris Fashion Week brought their A game and didn’t cease to amaze me. I was most intrigued with the hair and makeup, surprisingly. The designs, for the most part, were spot on – but the hair and makeup brought an entirely new element. Not only was I focused on luxury clothing, but now I was drawn to the glam of models’ accessories, hair, and makeup. That doesn’t sound so odd, I’m sure – but speaking for myself, I’m typically only eyeing the articles of clothing as opposed to the surrounding details. That could be my amateurity speaking but even so, my focus was shifted to all aspects as opposed to one.

Alexander McQueen at 2017 Paris Fashion Week

Image by Kim WestonArnold / via

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