4 Denver Cafes for the Coffee-Addicted Digital Nomad

It only took a month for me to realize that remote working can be really, really lonely. 

You might think I would have come to that conclusion sooner, but in the beginning that fact was overshadowed by the significantly shorter commute from my bed to my office chair. I would stare out the window with glee at the sunny landscape, designing away at my desk and reveling in my newfound freedom. I could work in pajama pants, cook myself breakfast at 10am and do random yoga poses throughout the day to stretch without looking insane. Living the dream, right?

I thought so at least, until one day I realized I hadn’t left the apartment in 72 hours. My husband, though I love him, would come home and interrupt whatever work I happened to be in the middle of. There was no separation between work and home, which just left me feeling depressed every night when my workday would end and I would shuffle from one end of the house to the other. One morning while sipping yet another coffee that I burnt in the microwave on accident while reading emails, I came to the (late) realization that above anything else, I was incredibly lonely. I missed working with people. I missed talking to people in person and not via Skype. I even missed getting dressed and looking presentable. 

Lucky for me, being a digital nomad was the ultimate excuse for my caffeine-addicted self to seek out the best work-friendly Denver cafes. It wasn’t the best idea for my wallet and I have since had to curb my co-working/cafe trips to once a week, but it is certainly enough to satiate my desire for human interaction and almond milk lattes. Denver is absolutely crammed full of amazing places to work and meet other nomads, and I’m excited to share four favorites from my ever-growing list!

1. Black Eye Coffee (LoHi)

This cafe is actually one of two locations – the other one is in Capitol Hill. Both are fantastic but I like this one just a little bit more as it is smaller, more rustic (read: super hipster) and has plenty of outlets. I felt completely in my element among the brightly colored decor. They also offer a breakfast and lunch menu which is super convenient for those planning to work all day.

3408 Navajo St.

2. Huckleberry Coffee Roasters

Colorful floor-to-ceiling wall art and huge, airy shutters make Huckleberry one of most unique place I have set up shop in Denver. Come early if you want to enjoy the natural light in the summer before they close the windows and crank the AC. They even offer coffee classes and workshops –  how cool is that?

4301 Pecos St.

3. Thump Coffee

Thump is headquartered in Oregon, but digital nomads looking for a great cup of Joe (or kombucha) can find the Denver location in Capitol Hill – the funky, red-brick building is hard to miss. There are large communal tables where you can strike up a conversation if you are feeling social, or bright window seats if you need a relaxing spot to plug in the headphones and focus on your latest project.

1201 E 13th Ave.

4. Denver Bicycle Cafe

A bike shop, beer hall, and coffee house in one? Yep, that exists. Out of every cafe I’ve visited in Denver so far, this is hands-down is my favorite. It’s bright, feels more like a co-working space and has some of the best lattes in town. And when the workday ends, you can grab a beer and watch a live band or comedian. It definitely beats sitting on the couch!

1308 E 17th Avenue

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