7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

The Paris Climate Agreement is one of the most important climate accords that were signed in recent years. Although Trump is threatening to pull the US out of the agreement, several countries have signed to that deal, including a major player like China.

The good thing is that this deal forces countries contributing to major pollution in the environment to curb their carbon production. Shifting to clean energy is one of the most recommended moves. In fact, bigger countries have also started this action.

Australia for instance has promoted the use of solar cells. Those who wish to convert their energy source to solar panels will get grants from the government. This was also practiced by other smaller countries. It reached the point when they are no longer dependent to fossil fuels.

Countries like Costa Rica, Tokelau and Bonaire, have removed fossil fuel out of their system and relied completely on natural energy sources. They have harnessed these natural sources to their advantage.

If countries around the world will do their share in limiting the use of fossil fuels, things will change. We can reverse the huge impact of global warming. Perhaps, many countries don’t suffer from the effects of this phenomenon, but in many parts of the world, it is a big problem.

We have to start thinking about what we can do to limit the effects of global warming. Be inspired by the infographic below which shows the countries that have totally shifted to clean energy sources.


This is a guest post by the team at welovecostarica.com.

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