Denim has always been one of the favourite types of clothing for many, but there are a variety of myths surrounding its care. How should a vintage denim jacket with fur be cared for? And, can you wear denim as many times as you want?

Most people have a pair of blue denim jeans and a jacket too. Denim has a reputation for being hard-wearing, and many people believe that it does not demand the likes of routine washing, but is this actually the case?

One reason that clothes live to boast a status as vintage clothing is that they are well cared for, and denim is no exception. A vintage denim jacket is created from blue and white cotton threads in a finely interwoven twill weave. Its strength and endurance come from this procedure. Yet, cotton, like other fabrics, ages and becomes weaker over time, especially in places that have to withstand continual pressure or motion.

Should you examine an aging set of jeans, you’ll note the knees are the first to begin fraying. On a jacket, it is almost always the collar and elbows. Filth and grime, particularly when acidic based will speed up this aging procedure, therefore, appropriate care is essential. Most people put off washing new denim garments for as long as they possibly can; anything from six months to a year. But if your denim has been worn in hot conditions that have made you sweat, it’s best to get it in the wash sooner rather than later.

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Can you make vintage clothing last for future generations? This is something that concerns a lot of people, as they fear their garments are merely going to fall apart after they’ve purchased them. However, if you take care of your clothes correctly, this is something you don’t need to worry about.

There’s little point in purchasing things you do not use, and vintage clothing are not excluded from this. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take care of your garments carefully if you’d like to wear them regularly and maybe pass them onto somebody else to love and enjoy in the future. Once you’ve worn your vintage denim jacket, it is necessary to make sure it is washed and dried completely. Follow the washing instructions attentively and, after washing, air-dry the clothing. If you cannot find any washing directions, either take it to a professional cleaner or hand wash in mild detergent and lukewarm water.

If you’re the owner of an extremely old and fragile denim coat, then contemplate vacuuming rather than washing. Make use of a low suction setting and use an old nylon stocking or plastic screen on the end of the conduit to prevent it from sucking up the material. When it is clean and dry, fold the coat carefully and be sure the metal studs are covered with acid-free tissue paper to prevent them from tarnishing, and then wrap in a cotton cloth to keep from light and dampness. Ideally, your clothing needs to be kept in a dry, dark, and smoke-free environment before you wear it again.