Even after 60 years, Iwisa No.1 is still giving consumers more through its #MoreForEveryMeal campaign. This campaign is centered around offering consumers more products, more delicious recipes and more value.

Iwisa No.1 has partnered with renowned chef Zola Nene who will be sharing delicious recipes and meal ideas for all occasions.

Zola took some time to share her thoughts on this exciting campaign with us.


What delicious dishes have you been cooking up during lockdown?

I’ve been cooking up a storm (as usual) during lockdown, not much has changed in terms of the type of food I’ve been making because I’m all about simple meals and comfort food. So, I’ve been making lots of nostalgic comfort foods for myself and my family; everything from amagwinya to isitambu, imfino to incima, pasta to pizza – you name it, I’ve probably made it during lockdown!

Tell us about your first cooking experience with Iwisa.
I think that my family has been using Iwisa No.1 for so long I can’t even pin-point the first time I cooked with it. Those who know me, know how much I love maize meal so it’s a staple in my house. I use it in so many ways – snacks, mains and dessert – you just have to page through my cookbook, Simply Zola, to see how many ways I feature it as an ingredient.

What is your fondest memory of this iconic maize meal?
Iphalisi is definitely the most iconic and fondest memory of maize meal, I grew up eating mealie meal porridge and still continue to enjoy it today. My mom tried to keep things interesting by varying the toppings she gave us for it when we were younger; one day it was milk and butter, the next lemon juice, the next orange juice and sometimes even peanut butter. Even today, I try different toppings on my phalishi, and most recently, I topped it with cinnamon sugar and orange juice which is definitely a new favourite combo!

If you could create an Iwisa inspired dish which best reflects our country at the moment, what would it be and what would you call it?
At the moment, I think we are all looking for a bit of comfort during uncertain times. So, the dish I would serve up would be a mixture of nostalgic comfort as well as a bit of spice for a bit of heat to warm us up emotionally and physically. My dish for the moment is definitely my Isijingi with curried fish and Ushatini – a bit of warmth, a bit of spice and a whole lot of comfort.

What are you most excited about for the #MoreForEveryMeal campaign?

The campaign is a great mood lifter during these COVID times, something for people to look forward to possibly winning. Also, who doesn’t need a bit of extra cash, right?!? Love that you can win just by purchasing a product you’d be buying anyway, it’s a bonus!