Hoi An is a touristic little town where one can indulge in endless romantic walks under the lanterns of Old Town. There is no time to get bored but if you are looking into going deeper into Hoi An, the possibilities are endless.

Get a massage

Massage Tables – Source: Pexels

Price: $12-25 for 1 hour

Is your back sore? Are you stressed out from all the hectic beeps of the Vietnamese traffic? Or you simply want to indulge in a well-deserved pampering? There is no excuse needed to get yourself a great massage. Hoi An is full of clinic that are ready to give you the full experience. Most importantly, lots of them will even pick you up at your hotel so you can arrive fresh and relax already. We recommend Blue Gift Spa for the kindness and professionalism of their hostess.

Go see the lanterns

Lanterns in Hoi An – Source: Joseph Wells Photography

Price: free.

At night Hoi An lights are like a fairytale come true. It is truly magical. Just wandering along the street will make for a romantic evening. If you have the heart of a photographer, there are many angles to find. However, be sure to wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise and to be the only one to enjoy the empty and quiet streets.

Make yourself a tailored clothes

Tailor Tape Measure – Source: Pexels

Price : $30-80 depending on material and desired clothes.

First of all, check the shops reviews online or go by feeling so you can feel the material. Secondly, choose your favourite pattern, make sure you feel comfortable and most importantly that the tailor is attentive to your special needs. Our team had a wonderful experience at Paul Tailor.

Take a boat ride

Boats on Hoi An River – Source: Joseph Wells Photography

Price: $2-9 depending on the sophistication and boat’s size.

Alongside the beautiful Thu Bon River, there are many locals offering you a cheap ride on the river. The peacefulness of the experience can’t be beaten and the chance to see the Old Town from a distance is priceless. Don’t forget to purchase a candle-lantern from the vendors ($0.20) and make a wish.

Take a cooking class

Price: $8-15

Wok, sauteed, hot-pot or stir-fried, are these words you aren’t familiar with? It’s all about to change with one of the many cooking class you can partake in. If you are in town for few days, we advice you to try many restaurants and to book your cooking class with the company that cooked the best meal in your opinion. Most restaurants offer to teach you their own recipe, so find the dish that makes your heart sings and go learn it!

Do a food or cocktails tour

Secret Eats Cocktail Tour – Source: Joseph Wells

Price: $50

Maybe one of the best memories you will create! Let your tour guide take you to places you would never have stumbled into by yourself and tell you all about the history of this magical town. This is a great way to socialise and meet other food/drinks connaisseurs. Secret Eats is a great company that collaborates with the finest locals in town. They created their own designed cocktails to ensure an experience unlike any others.