Affordable Fall to Winter Fashion Trends

There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer Spring and Summer, and those who prefer Fall and Winter. I’m one of the few who prefer Fall and Winter. Everything about the colder months is obviously better; from holiday decor and hot cocoa, to fluffy scarves and oversized sweaters. Trends are ever changing and keeping up can be difficult at times, even for someone who dedicates themselves to fashion! I like to stick to the basics. Basics are items of clothing that never go out of style and are typically staple pieces in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter how up-to-date with fashion someone is.

Affordable Fall to Winter Fashion Trends

“Fashion is a fun part of life, whether it’s seen through your clothing and accessories or even the decor of your home.”

The best place to shop for basics and a variety of different styles, sizes, and brands is your local thrift store! I don’t care how “high fashion” someone claims to be, thrift stores provide more looks and [a lot of the time] better quality than any fast fashion department store out there. The number one, most important article of clothing for any Fall and Winter wardrobe is none other than the Grandpa Sweater. An oversized knit sweater that can be worn with leggings or tights is a comfy and fashionable look. Thrift stores are phenomenal for these because usually these sweaters have a vintage 90s appeal, simply because they are actual vintage. Your local fast fashion shop are bound to distribute these as well, but for a lot more money. Choice is yours!

Thigh High Boots Fashion Trend

Over the thigh boots are a major hit at the moment. These boots can be dressed up or down – either way, you’ll look amazing. Places like Designer Shoe Warehouse sell some really affordable and fashionable boots, so hitting them up (especially with that rewards card) can save you major coins and keep you trendy. Embroidered booties are a big look and have been for these past couple of years. Boots with a bit of flare can turn something boring into fun, thus going really well with a subtle outfit. Of course, if someone who doesn’t necessarily want to take a fashion risk with over the thigh boots or boots with embroidered detailing, keeping it simple with some old fashioned UGGs is easy. Let’s be clear, UGGs are controversial in the industry. I suggest going for some faux “UGG inspired” boots to not only save a few hundred US dollars but also save the sheep that are senselessly forced to give their lives for fashion.

As with any outfit, accessories are a must. Accessories can complete a look and make getting ready in the morning a bit more fun. My favorite Fall and Winter accessory is a big bag, typically black, that can be easily worn with any outfit. Big bags are not just cute, but great for carrying everything under the moon and stars! I like to save smaller bags for the warmer months. Other accessories such as leg warmers, choker necklaces, scarves both thin and thick are fabulous little additions you can make to everyday wear. Small adjustments can make a huge difference!

Accessories for Fall to Winter Fashion

There’s a big reputation within the fashion community, that those who indulge in style must adore extravagant designs, materials, and brands. The idea that fashion must be pursued in just one way is a way to exclude people from different walks of life, which is unfair. I love haute fashion and I even pay for a subscription to Vogue! However, in my everyday life, I’m wearing what I find to be fashionable, affordable, comfortable, and expressive in my own way. A voice that speaks for all individuals is a necessity in today’s society. Men and women need to stop degrading one another based on what the tag at the back of our neck says. Affordable clothing doesn’t mean someone is less fashionable than those who sport Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, etc.

Fashion is a fun part of life, whether it’s seen through your clothing and accessories or even the decor of your home. What makes fashionable items even more enjoyable, is when it’s affordable!

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