Cape Town is a bustling city, we have sky scrapers (at least 2 or 3), rush-hour traffic and diverse and trend setting food hotspots but we also have roses. Hidden away in the suburb of Wynberg sits Chart Farm, a quaint and beautiful rose farm virtually undiscovered by the masses. On Sundays this is where you will find me, because on Sundays the roses are only R3,50 a piece! You can borrow a bucket and some clippers from the office and let your inner forager loose on the roses.


After filling my bucket with perfect roses (I try to limit it to 10 otherwise I would go bankrupt on blooms), I head to their small café terrace for a cup of coffee and if my will is weak, a slice of cake. Their coffee is great and their red velvet cake is extraordinarily moist but light at the same time.Unfortunately roses do have a season and go into hibernation around the end of June, emerging once more in January when it starts to warm up.

Chat Farm is hidden behind Wynberg park on Klaasens road. There’s a sign to the left but it can be tricky to find for newcomers, nevertheless, it is well worth the visit. Next door you will find Ludwig’s roses, a nursery where they sell all of their rose plants if you fall in love with any one kind.


Guys, if you’re looking for a great place to impress your ladies, Chart Farm is your destination. Ladies, if you need to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life, Chart Farm is the place to be. They are open everyday from 09:00 t0 16:00 and they tend to run out of buckets and sheers so if you want to look like a true rose aficionado invest in your own.


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