A world of discovery awaits KWV’s Cathedral Cellar fans. This wine brand impressed wine enthusiasts when it became one of the first wine brands in South Africa to introduce augmented reality to its wine labels. Now this innovative brand is back with its second installment of augmented reality, ready to entice and emerge its fans with an impressive unfolding of ‘living stories’. For wine enthusiasts this presents an exciting opportunity to transform dinner-time conversation, as they take a massive leap into the future with Cathedral Cellar.

Trend-setting wineries globally have been embracing this relatively new technology, which makes navigating the complex world of wine fascinating, engaging – and easy. Using a simple point and scan action on a mobile phone, consumers can peel back the layered stories of wine waiting to be discovered behind the label. With this captivating technology, Cathedral Cellar will now also use the world of story to transform consumers’ wine drinking journey.

Cathedral Cellar epitomises the art of storytelling: its brand home, the impressive cathedral-esque cellar houses 32 ‘stukvats’ (barrels) which measure approximately 3 meters in circumference. Some of these massive barrels tell the stories of the South African wine industry with intricate carvings. This rich storytelling history has now been catapulted into the present with modern technology: using a mobile phone, users who scan Cathedral Cellar’s new labels using the dedicated LABELinmotion app, will see the stories and people who inspired each of the wines come to life as engaging animations on their mobile phones’ screen.

Each wine in the Cathedral Cellar range, the Cathedral Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon, Cathedral Cellar Shiraz, Cathedral Cellar Triptych (a red blend), Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay, Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc and Cathedral Cellar Pinotage, is represented by a particular storytelling vat. Consumers who engage with the labels using the augmented reality app will now experience the stories of each vat when they meet the Roman god of merriment, Bacchus, see the first vessel to bring vines to the Cape, share in the joy of the first crushing of the grapes, experience coopers in action, are introduced to KWV’s stately headquarters and celebrate KWV’s centennial year. In keeping with Cathedral Cellar’s global footprint, these experiences are available in English, French and Japanese.

“Augmented reality is dramatically changing the way consumers engage with their wine,” says Cathedral Cellar’s brand manager, Tanya Blokdyk. “Cathedral Cellar really values storytelling and what better way to honour this brand’s narrative with a modern take on history? It is a fun, informative and engaging way to bring SA’s rich wine heritage to life and adds a unique layer to Cathedral Cellar’s wines.”

To activate the augmented reality experience, consumers should follow the following steps:

  • Download the dedicated LABELinmotion app from your smartphone’s store / Scan the unique QR code, reflected on the wines’ neck tags, which doubles up as a reusable aerator and pourer.
  • Select ‘install LABELinmotion’.
  • Hover over the Cathedral Cellar label / bottle – choose your language Japanese, English or French.
  • Be amazed and share!

Experience these augmented reality labels for yourself! Order Cathedral Cellar wines by visiting www.KWVEmporium.co.za. Share your augmented reality experience on social via Cathedral Cellar’s Facebook and Instagram platforms @KWV_CathedralCellar.