Happy Dad’s Day to all the dads, the not-yet dads, the stepdads, the moms who are dad, the adoptive dads, the granddads, the fur dads, and the dads who are no longer with us. We specialise in making little bottles of JOY, believing that wine crafted with love adds JOY to the world. We have gorgeous red wines for every kind of Dad, so we invite you to celebrate Dad’s Day enJOYing our wines.

Tasting note:

Bold, plush and smooth, our Daily Brew Pinotage is packed with ripe juicy plums and cherries accompanied by enticing notes of freshly brewed coffee and hints of chocolate. Vibrant, luscious, balanced and moreish, this wine is perfect for Dad!

The Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage is not only delicious, it is also proudly South African. Pinotage originated in 1925 when Abraham Izak Perold, the very first professor of viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch, successfully crossed the noble varietal Pinot Noir and the rustic Cinsault (known in South Africa as Hermitage at the time). South Africa’s heritage grape was born, combining the finesse of Pinot Noir with a robust grape variety that thrives in South Africa’s hot summers.

Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage also happens to be a social butterfly, pairing perfectly with almost any food you can think of. Being truly South African, it is your best buddy at a braai. It is also delicious with Bobotie, Thai dishes, ratatouille, curry, game fish or a hearty bean soup. And if you’re feeling a bit daring, step outside the box and try it with sushi or sashimi.

And to top it all, Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage is exceptionally well priced. It is part of the Bruce Jack Lifestyle Range which strives for unbeatable value by expertly blending grapes from diverse vineyards with distinct climates and soils, crafting deliciously balanced and complex, yummy wines.

Pop into your local Spar or Tops at Spar to get your bottle of Bruce Jack Daily Brew Pinotage

Or buy online at  https://brucejack.com/our-wines/bruce-jack-lifestyle/

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Bruce Jack, legendary winemaker extraordinaire, has opened a cellar door in the Mother City, the one-and-only, first-ever rooftop wine tasting centre with a pool deck and spectacular 360° views. Joy’n the Fun at Jack@SKYE, where it is always Joy O’Clock, for some delicious canapé and wine pairings. Knowledgeable brand ambassador, Awonke, will guide you through the exciting flights of Bruce Jack Wines. Located at The Hyde Hotel, 13 London Rd, Sea Point. Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable rooftop experience, embracing the magic of Cape Town!

Stanford Wine Bar

For those who wish to explore a little more, why not enjoy a weekend break and experience some of Bruce Jack’s finest wines in the welcoming atmosphere of the Stanford Wine Bar. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or just curious to explore new flavours, this wine bar is the ideal destination. Located at the Stanford Kitchen, 19 Queen Victoria St, Stanford.

Bruce Jack Wines

We are a winemaker-driven, family business and we believe the concept of “value” is as important when enjoying an everyday wine as it is when tasting something rare and very expensive. We take our winecraft very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in having fun, but we also believe in standing up for the underdog and doing the right thing. We believe the best wine always portrays the hallmarks of authenticity and honesty. We believe wine should add joy to life.

The Jack Journal

When Bruce Jack’s not making wine, he’s thinking about ways in which he can bring wine to life. To Bruce the world of wine is a way of exploring almost everything else in life, from religion, to science, to socio-political angst, to geology, to imagination, to breathtaking adventure, to rich history, captivating wildlife, to business, to cultural eccentricities, to inspiring art, music, soulful poetry, food, beer, social upliftment, the environment, surfing… to the very source of life. Thus, Bruce’s Jack Journal was born, an eclectic magazine about the world that wine tries to live in. If we are inspired by what comes out of a wine bottle, what inspires the people that drink it?  The newly released Jack Journal Volume 7 is available at Exclusive Books, selected Woolworths, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and CNA stores.

Hot-off-the-press: Bruce Jack has been featured in Drinks Retailing’s 2024 List of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential People in Drinks’

Bruce Jack also featured in the 2023 Drinks Business Master Winemaker Top 100

and is the only South African winery to be featured in Drinks International Top 50 Most Admired Wine Brands for 4 years in a row.