It’s the festive season and the iconic G.H. Mumm brand will be a part of many celebrations across the world.  It’s bold peculiar taste and fruity notes has become a favourite amongst many countries; and  while you may know of the brand’s bold experiences, affiliation with some the greatest trailblazers  and  high-end sporting and lifestyle events, you may also want to know what makes the champagne truly special.

G.H. Mumm’s variants:  Brut, Demi-Sec and Olympe Rosé are distinct, and all characterized by vibrant flavor combinations.


[divider]G.H. Mumm Brut[/divider]

The look: Exuberant bubbles and a brilliant, golden colour testify to the vibrancy of this champagne.

The aromas: Lush aromas of ripe peach, apricot and pineapple cascade from the glass, chased by hints of vanilla and caramel, yeast, dried fruit and honey.

The taste: One sip and Mumm Grand Cordon unleashes intense, complex flavours of fresh fruit and caramel that continue into a long, lingering finish.



[divider]G.H. Mumm Demi-Sec[/divider]

The look: Mumm Olympe is characterized by a deep colour with golden-yellow and amber glints, it has an abundance of lively bubbles.

The aromas: the nose reveals aromas of peach and pear jam, nougat and fruit jelly with fragrances of honey and gingerbread, developing into notes of dried fruit. The bouquet develops patisserie (vanilla, brioche and honey) and toasted notes.

The taste: a very round, smooth and sweets with hints of honey candy, Maison Mumm Olympe combines this sweetness with a distinctive freshness in the finish. After cellar-aging for several years its notes of dry fruit become more definite



[divider]G.H. Mumm  Olympé Rosé[/divider]

The look: Mumm Olympe Rosé is characterized by a luminous, pale salmon pink.

The aromas: on the nose, some notes of toasted bread, red fruit, cherry jam, and subtle, gourmet notes of vanilla and caramel.

The taste: a smoothness and roundness coming from the liqueur de dosage





For celebrating milestones, new beginnings and bold successes, toast with G.H. Mumm this festive season.