Roll out the red carpet, our future awaits us, laced with pretty pink ribbons and reeking of confidence, passion, and unparalleled opportunities.

Creative meets chic at South Africa’s 2017 Cointreau Creative Crew Event held at The Stack in Cape Town on Tuesday 4th April. This fine establishment made for the perfect setting to commemorate some of South Africa’s most creative and entrepreneurial minds.

Former actress and Victoria Secret model, Laetitia Casta initiated this platform with a dream that would empower women to be steadfast in their creative ideas. “I wanted to give the next generation of women an opportunity to express their creative passions and showcase their work.” With that, the Cointreau Creative Crew was born.

Hosted by Cointreau South Africa brand manager Tamika Sewnarain (@Diva_Tamika), the event kicked off to a swanky start. Guests were welcomed with the celebrated ‘Cointreau Fizz Cocktail’ to get the ladies and gents in good spirits, without losing equilibrium of course. Had I not known better I would have sworn it was a parade of elaborate garments saying “here I am and best believe I’m fabulous”. It was a spectacular display of colours, authenticity and of course bold femininity.

Cointreau-South Africa-Events

Tamika was accompanied by her fellow Creative Crew members, graphic designer Lisa Ting Chong (@LisaTingChong), renowned dancer/performer Manthe Ribane (@ribane_manthe) and Gold Craft Loerie award winning Illustrator and designer Karabo Moletsane (@karabo_poppy). Our Future is looking bright ladies, this bevy were a force to be reckoned with.

The Crew was created to inspire creatives to pursue their passions and make their dreams come true. With a carrot of R100 000 as the grant to support his or her creative project for the most innovative ideas, young brave entrepreneurs were encouraged to #DreamDareCreate

Judging Criteria

#DreamDareCreate would be the defining judging criteria which would assist Tamika and the rest of the Creative Crew to choose the finalists. 5 Finalists were chosen but there could unfortunately only be one winner.


– Authenticity: substance and strength of the project, genuine approach

– Elegance: style and aesthetics

– Avant-garde: originality, novelty and unexpected


– Motivation

– Uniqueness

– Personal fulfilment


– Potential success

– Feasibility

– Significant impact

It was Outliers (@OutliersEdulab) for the win, an organisation supporting 50 after–school program sites to provide free, quality education support. They are a movement of people working together to empower youth in disadvantaged communities.

Photos by The Creative Corner (@ZiziphoDyubeni), Multimedia and Broadcast PR, and Cointreau SA (@CointreauSA).

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