Tonight, I Only Want a Glass of Wine

It has been a long day, and I arrive home to a warm evening.  Time to unwind by taking in a deep breath and savouring a glass of wine.  Red wine is normally my first choice, but the dusk allures for a taste of white wine. What do I choose?

Up until recently, making this decision was major contemplation because once a bottle of wine is opened, there is pressure to finish it or even throw it away after a few days.

“Tonight, I only want a glass of wine!”

My new wine accessory, from LiV’iN Store, has changed my perspective for tasting wine by the glass. Coravin, a bold and revolutionary gadget has unveiled itself to my wine lifestyle. Whether you like, love or live for wine, Coravin provides the opportunity to taste wine by the glass and preserve the remaining bottle for days, weeks, months and years.  No more fuss.

Coravin Wine AccessoryFounder, Greg Lambrecht, a man with a background in physics, mechanical engineering, nuclear power and medical devices had a dream to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork.  So, he innovatively created a non-coring needle to pierce through the cork while it was still in the bottle. No damage, no spillage, no wastage and no commitment to finishing a bottle of wine on any given occasion.

I was daunted when I opened the Coravin box, it was bigger than a cork screw and looked technical.  I chuckled, as I am womanly technically challenged, but it was easy and effortless – from removing the needle cover to securing Coravin Capsule (Argon Gas), click a shot of gas, then pierce the needle into the cork, tilt, press the lever and pour. To remove, I just needed to lift the Coravin gadget.  

Cheekily I turned the wine bottle upside down, and no spillage.  Amazing!

The Coravin Wine System technology allows one to pour wine while still leaving the cork in place and safeguarding the wine from oxidation, thus preserving it until the next glass is poured. 

I enjoy wine! I love wine! I think I may soon live for wine.  Sounds crazy but Coravin is an insanely wonderful, technological wine accessory.  I can pour, share and enjoy the same bottle or bottles on multiple occasions over weeks, months and longer – without wasting a drop.

The benefit is big and I am anticipating great picnics, wine tastings & pairings ahead. As, The Aspiring Sommelier, my passion is to discover and explore bountiful varieties of wine from South Africa and internationally. But on occasion, I just want a glass of wine.

Thank you LiV’iN Store for bringing Coravin Wine System technology to South Africa. This is wine celebration! This is wine revolution! This is wine love!

Photo Sources: Author and LiV’iN Store

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