Cover To Cover with Joanne Joseph and Eusebius McKaiser brought to you by Exclusive Books is back. Find the hottest author interviews, book reviews and reading recommendations by two of South Africa’s most seasoned journalists!

Eusebius is going Cover To Cover with 2020’s Booker Prize winner Douglas Stuart author of Shuggie Bain on the 11th of February at 18h00 on the Exclusive books YouTube channel. Nobody wants to miss this episode!

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The next episode will be released on the 24th of February and the theme is biography and autobiography. In this show Joanne goes Cover To Cover with Jonathan Jansen on his book Learning Lessons, Stephen McGown on Six Years with Al-Qaeda plus a short segment at the end with Obenewa Amponsah on Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden.


“Exclusive Books is passionate about stimulating a vibrant culture of reading, writing and books amongst South Africans. The Cover To Cover book show is the latest addition in our arsenal of tactics to make that happen, and seasoned broadcasters Joanne Joseph and Eusebius McKaiser are brilliant partners to help us champion this cause.” – Batya Bricker, General Manager, Exclusive Books.


Publishers, Pan MacMillan, NB and Jonathan Ball Publishers have sponsored the next two shows, and the long-term intention of Cover To Cover is to be highly inclusive, drawing in indie publishers, book clubs, podcasters and everyone who is contributing to the love for books in this country and elsewhere.

Joanne Joseph reminds us “Neil Gaiman speaks of how American officials often predict the size of prisons they’ll need in the future based on the percentage of illiterate 10 and 11-year-olds in that area. It reminds us that reading, although it can be, is not about mere escapism. The love for books has a far more wide-ranging social impact than we care to admit, and needs to become more deeply entrenched in our society. We’re really hoping “Cover To Cover ” will help to work towards achieving that.”

Eusebius McKaiser adds, “Our democracy is famously premised on the ideals of deliberation and participation. But we can only realise these ideals if we are maximally informed citizens who think and reason critically. “Cover To Cover ” is exciting because it is a book and reading project aiming to make a humble little contribution towards those democratic ends.”
Joanne and Eusebius are successfully published authors.


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