Koh Lanta. Our first destination on our digital nomad journey. We choose it for a number of reasons:

1) It is an incredibly beautiful island with a chilled out vibe in the South of Thailand. The jungle island is 26km North to South so it was just big enough without being too big. It is not as commercial like Phuket or Koh Samui. There are no high-rises or big supermarkets. You can’t get a Maccie D’s here at 3am but Mr Greens is a great substitute.

2) There is an established digital nomad community there so we were sure the WiFi would be reliable and we could meet like-minded people. There is something to do every night, but if you are looking for big parties, this may not be the island for you. That being said, we spent a total of 3 months living on Koh Lanta and loved every second of it.

Getting There

You can either fly, take an overnight train or an overnight bus to Koh Lanta. Whenever we head to the south islands in Thailand, we opt for the night train so we could get a decent night kip plus it feels like a great start to our adventure! Taking the sleeper train is an amazing experience and I really recommend trying it at least once.

Top Things To Do

1. Rent a moped

Renting a moped in Koh Lanta is invaluable. Exploring the island by bike lets you to find those hidden little spots that without a moped you wouldn’t find by foot or taking Tuk Tuk’s. The roads do have pot-holes and can be dangerous when wet so take it slow and enjoy the scenery!!

2. The Four Island Tour

I highly recommend going on this long tail boat tour. It’s an amazing day out snorkelling the local islands, enjoying the incredible scenery and BBQ lunch on a beautiful beach! The highlight was swimming 80m through a pitch black cave in low tide where we reached the Emerald Cave, a secret bay surrounded by 100m walls on all sides. Even cooler it used to be an ancient pirate treasure cove!

Digital Nomad Guide to Koh Lanta, Thailand

3. Ko-Hub

The islands co-working space is rated highly as one of the best digital nomad spaces in Asia. With indoor and outdoor spaces as well as sound proof booths for meetings, this is an uber-productive work space. Ko-hub also offers accommodation and food packages. We loved the welcoming atmosphere, the friendly staff and the community activities vibe.

4. Yoga

If you’re in need of a challenging yoga session, I thoroughly recommend Sanctuary Yoga located on Long Beach. The class is taken on an open walled wooden platform built on top of the rocks with the waves literally lapping underneath you. This was the most zenned I’ve reached in a yoga class – plus I learnt a bunch of new moves I had never seen before and mastered the head stand (kind of).

5. Visit Old Town

Old Town has a lot of history. There is a French colonial feel as you walk through this fishing village. Chinese merchants originally settled here after using the island as a stop off on long journeys. The views out to sea are stunning, especially where you can see islands popping out of ocean across the horizon. Traditional Thai wooden houses, shops and restaurants line the main street and you will find the best shops in the island here – less of the tourist tat and more of the authentic and handmade gems.

Very close to Old Town is the Sea Gypsy village, a tribe living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Because the language is only spoken and not written, little is known about their history. They are extremely skilled fishermen and are able to free dive and stay under water for long periods of time.

6. Scuba Diving

Unfortunately I ran out of opportunities to go out on any fun dives. But I heard many stories from fellow divers about Hin Duang and Hin Muang where you can see whale sharks and manta rays. If there is anything I wish I had done on Koh Lanta, it is diving. However, I did complete my Emergency First Response Course with Hidden Depths, located in Saladan. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and my instructor Ai was amazing and super engaging. I will return one day to explore the deep blue here!

Yangs Garden Restaurant Koh Lanta Thailand

7. Yang’s Garden

Located in Klong Nin, this restaurant is voted number one on the island for good reason. You enter through a candle lit walkway into a garden area with an open kitchen. There is a romantic ambience reflected in the well picked music and Scandinavian decor. The food is supreme. Try the Pork Belly and the Mash Potato in truffle oil – hands down, the best meal we had on the island!

8. Trek to Khlong Chak waterfall

This 30-minute hike starts in the south of the island and takes you through the jungle on a gentle to moderate pathway. If you are lucky, you might spot a monkey or two. (PS. It’s going to get sweaty because it’s so humid – but a great change if you are getting restless lying on the beach.) Tip: Go after it’s been raining.

Sea Kayaking in Koh Lanta Thailand

9. Sea-kayaking

In the space of 5 minutes, I had managed to lose my sunglasses to the fishes and rip half of my fingernail off its bed. But apart from that, sea kayaking is therapeutic exercise and looking back at the island was the best view of my entire 3 months there. Tip: Rent your kayaks from Horizon Bar at golden hour.

10. Mong’s Bar

The place to go! Mong runs parties twice a week and there are signs all over the island for them. Walk through his magical garden decorated in lights, have a shot of his baby cobra vodka. Watch as he plays the knife game with machetes and drills (trust me it never gets old).He also has a dog and a duck that are best friends and follow each other everywhere. Let me repeat: a dog and a duck. I. Can’t. Even.

Have you been to Koh Lanta? Let me know if I have missed anything in the comments below!

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