Choosing where to dine isn’t as simple as it used to be, especially when you’re visiting a new city. There are sites like More Than Food to help you explore the culinary marvels of different cities. Review sites and other resources are also there to help you decide where to eat or which new dishes to try. Even better, you can access these resources using nothing but a smartphone; this makes exploring a new city fun and convenient.

But what if I told you that you will soon be able to get the same dining recommendations – and more – from your car? Well, it is an idea that General Motors just brought to life with its integration of IBM Watson.

Meet OnStar Go

GM and IBM are working together to create something called On Star Go, an in-car feature designed to provide so much more than roadside assistance. With this new system, GM is using the power of IBM Watson – an artificial intelligence developed by IBM – to allow cars to better understand their surroundings.

This may sound like a concept from the future, but GM actually has a similar system already in place: GM’s own OnStar. The only difference is that OnStar Go will be able to provide relevant information to the driver based on the things the system senses.

A Superb Culinary Trip

Once OnStar Go is in place, you will no longer have to resort to stopping at any restaurant you can find or a fast food chain at a petrol station. You can actually interact with the system the way you would interact with a friend travelling with you. A very clever friend nonetheless.

You can ask OnStar Go to find you any particular cuisine or a restaurant that matches your preferences. The system will take into consideration your past restaurant visits, your travelling habits, your current location and other information from external sources to come up with the best recommendations.

It doesn’t stop there either. OnStar Go can use IBM Watson’s full capabilities to provide you with further assistance. You can check if the restaurant is full – or whether it is still open – and quickly find alternatives that are just as easy to reach.

Of course, the feature extends beyond dining recommendations. That said, it’s this particular possibility that excites us the most. It gets better too!

Dining Recommendations from Celebrity Chefs

OnStar Go is taking in-car navigation and driver support systems to a whole new level. The previous recommendations we talked about can also come from your favourite celebrity chefs. Imagine having Gordon Ramsay himself providing you with recommendations as you explore a new city.

The possibilities are endless. A simple business trip can turn into an amazing culinary adventure. If you think this is a technology that won’t be available for a few more years, then prepare to be surprised. As you browse through used cars for sale in 2017, you will see a lot of GM cars having this feature pre-installed as standard.

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