Let’s hear it for pizza…

The concept of pizza is actually quite ‘simple’ when you take apart its core ingredients – bread, cheese and a tomato base… But fused together with your favourite toppings and there’s no denying how this dish has become one of the most loved and most common mealtime favourites in households around the world.

So there’s no wonder that there is a whole day dedicated to it!

After the holidays (and considering the year that 2020 was), we know that people’s wallets are tight.  Whether sit-down (following all necessary hygiene protocols), or ordering as a take-away, pizza lovers can sink their teeth into the unbeatable ‘R99 for 2 classic pizzas’ deal daily (Monday to Friday 10;30 – 18:00 and Saturdays to Sunday 10:30 – 16:00) from Sugar’s Bakery. *Valid until 28 February 2021*.  The classic pizzas include an option of Margarita, Regina, Vegetarian, Pepperoni and Hawaiian.  Or patrons can build their own masterpieces atop our freshly-made 00 starter dough and Mama Maria’s home-made signature Napolitana sauce, baked in our traditional wood-fire pizza oven.

Set in the heart of Sebenza, Sugar’s Bakery, Restaurant & Catering opened its doors in April 2019 to bring the community the delectable delight of artisanal, handmade baked goods, meals and delicacies. Identifying a need in the industrial area for a ‘good food’ eatery, Sugar’s provides the perfect feeding ground for surrounding workplaces and residences. Whether you’re looking for a ‘grab ‘n go’ bite, a sit-down meal or event platters/catering, Sugar’s offers the finest food options for every taste.