There are plenty of places around the world for foodies that are looking for a new travel experience. It’s likely that Orlandlo isn’t at the top of your list when you think about places that you can travel. But perhaps it should be because the options available to you in this part of the world might shock and amaze you. Here are a few of the best reasons to visit Orlandlo and the tips to keep in mind.

[divider]Where Can You Go?[/divider]


As a food lover, you might be wondering where you can go while you are in Orlando. Well, there are a variety of different theme parks that the kids are sure to enjoy including Disney World and Universal Studios. The best part for you is that each of these different theme parks including the subsections have unique dining experiences for you to sample and try. Some of these are quite unique too. For instance, in Disney, there’s a restaurant that is designed to replicate the feeling of being above the Earth.

Alternatively, if you head to Universal Studios there are places that replicate the glitz and glamour of hollywood restaurants. The prices can be quite high for experiences like this so be sure to plan this into your travel budget.

There’s also locations like Disney Springs. This can be visited without a ticket for the parks themselves and you’ll find that there are countless world class restaurants here that are run by some of the top chefs. These restaurants don’t exist anywhere else in the world, making them worth the trip alone.

Generally speaking places like Disney and Universal are considered safe to visit for families even in the wake of COVID. However, there have been accidents in the past. According to successful personal injury attorneys, it’s important for travellers to know that when they are in the borders of these theme parks, the companies are liable for anything that goes wrong.


[divider]There’s A Food And Wine Festival[/divider]


If you are visiting Orlando, then we recommend that you book a trip for around the end of summer leading into the fall. Why is this? During this time of year, you’ll find that the Epcot Food and Wine Festival is in full swing. During this time you’ll be able to indulge in some food delicacies from around the world and there’s always plenty of treats to taste and sample. It’s the perfect theme park experience for a foodie that does a wonderful job of capturing the already plentiful feast of flavors that you can explore by wandering around the World Showcase.

The food and wine festival is a separate event but you don’t need extra tickets to sample the experience here. If you have a ticket that provides access into Epcot then you’ll also be able to sample some of the various different foods that are on offer here.

This isn’t the only reason why it’s a great time to go of course. As well as the heavenly scents, there’s lots of exclusive merch on sale around this time of year that you might definitely want to think about adding straight to your kitchen when you get home.


[divider]The Best Dining Experiences Book Early[/divider]


It’s possible that you’re heading somewhere like Disney World with the kids in tow. There are hundreds of different restaurants scattered around the main four parks and a few others in the water parks too. While there are various take-away options that essentially act as fast food outlets around the park where you can order and can, there are also dine-in experiences. These dine in restaurants can be incredibly popular and will often book up quite quickly. As such, you  should think about booking your dining plans a few months in advance to avoid disappointment here. Particularly, if you’re planning on visiting through the summer season when the majority of families are on vacation.

Do be aware that approximately 80% of the people who visit Orlando throughout the year are international travelers. As such, you need to make sure that you are booking early because these people will have had their holidays booked for close to a year due to the various different experiences that they are interested in.


[divider]Before You Travel[/divider]

Before you travel to Orlandlo, we recommend that you look at the reviews for the different restaurants and experiences that are scattered around. That way, you can make sure that you are booking the places that are definitely going to tantalize your taste buds and provide you with a wonderful experience that you won’t soon forget.