I was fortunate to be part of the Riedel team at the recent Buxtons La Cave Wine Event at La Lucia Mall.

The event boasted exclusive wine producers and guests by personal invite only. Riedel, the only wine glass company showcased some of their
exquisite and high quality red and white wine stemware.

Stemware is a fancy word but key in describing the architectural design. The unique wine glasses are hand-made and mouth blown and it is the most elite of stemware available in the world. Shape matters…Bowl – Stem – Base. A cautionary explanation is that this is a grape varietal specific wine tool because the shape works best with wines made from specific grapes.

The wine tasting event provided the opportunity to indulge and enjoy select choices of wine in the glasses generally available. The Riedel Glass offered a surprise experience…bold and confident that the shape of the red or white wine glass profoundly impacts the
appreciation of a specific wine.

Tasting is Believing!
Shape and volume matters as well as the diameter of rim!

The Riedel wine tasting mat presented 3 red wine glasses – Shiraz, Bordeaux and Pinot Noir, and 2 white wine glasses – Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Riedel Group

There is always an element of surprise of the shape the round large volume Chardonnay glass. The play was to taste their favourite Chardonnay / Shiraz / Sauvignon Blanc wine in the everyday wine glass. The next tease was to pour this beloved wine into a Riedel Wine Glass. Swirl the glass around in connoisseur style and breathe in the aromas. The pleasure of the fragrances was noticeably exhilarating.

The closing test was to take the long awaited sip of wine and feel the impact on the taste buds on the tongue – bitter, acid, salt and sweet.
The shape of the glass allows for the flow of wine to reach these taste zones to feel the temperature, texture and taste. The pure appreciation is immediate at all levels of intellect and senses. It is more zest for the palate.

Smiles and the words of incredible approval and astonishment roll out. The distinction of the taste on the palate is undeniable. One cannot help but fall in love with the Riedel Glass that imparts the pure flavours of one’s favourite wine. Yes, it is satisfying.

Riedel Glass…giving more happiness to wine lovers!

Riedel logo


Written by Christina Wiese

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