How will you measure your life?

How will you make your days count?


‘’Whether it’s the fictional length of string from Erlick’s book, or your unique set of genes that cannot be changed, you still get to choose what to do with the days dealt to you. How do you choose to spend them and will you make them count?

This is the leitmotif running through the shelves of Exclusive Books – most certainly a mirror to our hearts and minds.’’ Batya Bricker – Exclusive Books Marketing, Loyalty and Procurement – General Manager.

The last two years have given us ample pause for reflection on the purpose and meaning in our lives, and we are now seeing publishing that reflect this fresh perspective.

Two highlights on the fiction selection of Exclusive Books EBR adroitly illustrate this:

The Alchemist, the allegorical novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho dominated bestseller charts the world over during lockdowns, and now beyond. Sales show no sign of slowing, proving its timeless relevance. The quest for holy treasure is at the core of this tale, constantly seeking for it, and in the end finding it at home, is a poignant reminder to us all to appreciate the treasures we already have.

The Measure, by Nikki Erlick is a highlight on the Aug list and we pip this as being the word-of-mouth favourite for months to come.

Gripping, original and thought provoking, this book really might keep you up at night – but for all the right reasons. What if, one day, you found a box on your doorstep? Inside the box is the exact number of years you have to live. The same box appears on every doorstep across the world. Do you open yours? Do you want to know? And would that change how you choose to live?

On the non-fiction side, Grin and Bear IT! Is endurance athlete Peter van Kets’ manifesto for success – no matter what life has dealt you – your genes or your circumstances – is about grit, fueled by passion. He proves that to achieve your dreams, you don’t have to be born with either – you can actively cultivate and grow both.

And for younger readers, Marcus Rashford’s You can Do It, is all about finding your voice to do good and bring positive change to the world.

A brilliant follow up to Marcus Rashford’s number one bestseller, You are a Champion, and filled with inspiring stories, brilliant advice, and top tips.