When people think of heritage month, spending time with those closest to them definitely ‘springs’ to mind – and what better reason to gather than a delicious home cooked meal? This September, UCOOK is thrilled to partner with David Higgs and Haute Cabriere to help show their customers how to create a fresh bit of magic in the kitchen and around the table. Customers can treat their tastebuds to an at-home fine dining experience with standout dishes like Higgs’ Golden Chorizo Mussels and his Sumptuous Sirloin with Edamame. The menu is live on the UCOOK site as well as perfectly paired Haute Cabrière wines.

The David Higgs dishes will be on the UCOOK menu for 2 weeks only!


[divider]WEEK ONE[/divider]

Dishes open for orders on 15 September and will close on 22 September for delivery on 27 September:

  1. Higgs’ Sumptuous Sirloin with edamame beans, sweet potato & chimichurri
  2. Higgs’ Golden Chorizo Mussels with charred corn, toasted baguette & fresh parsley
  3. Higgs’ Emerald Risotto with goat’s cheese, truffle oil & mushrooms


[divider]WEEK TWO[/divider]

Dishes open for orders on 22 September and will close on 29 September for delivery on 4 October:

  1. Higgs’ Lush Lamb Rump with couscous salad, labneh & almonds
  2. Higgs’ Tasty Tuna Niçoise with pink ginger kewpie mayo, soy sauce & nori
  3. Higgs’ Ambrosial Aubergine Ravioli with ricotta, sun-dried tomato & sage

The Haute Cabrière wine can be ordered to pair with a dish or on its own – if you buy three or more bottles you will receive 30% off.