Cafe 43 was one of the first places Hoi An Eats visited in Hoi An and we’ve been back a countless number of times ever since. Not only is the food at Cafe 43 refreshingly cheap for a restaurant so close to the centre of Hoi An, but it’s always delicious and the staff there have already become friends of ours.

Due to Hoi An Eats’ number of visits, we’ve been lucky enough to sample quite a few of the dishes from the extensive menu at Cafe 43. As with many eateries in Hoi An, Cafe 43 offers a selection of Western dishes – such as pizzas and burgers – but we’ve stuck with the Vietnamese section for now. Some of our favourite plates include the papaya salad with chicken, the fresh spring rolls and the stuffed tomatoes. These dishes are fairly easy to come by throughout Hoi An, but they’re on a whole other level at Cafe 43. The papaya salad is so fresh that I’m convinced the restaurant has it’s own papaya tree in the kitchen and it comes served with a few, crispy prawn crackers for good measure.

For more deliciousness, read Hoi An Eats’ full review of Cafe 43.

Address: 43 Trần Cao Vân, Sơn Phong, tp. Hoi An, Vietnam

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