It’s a new year with many exciting things on the go. We are kicking off the new decade with our next Friends of MTF contribution.

Eric Kelly of My Dadventures shares some of his tips and tricks of modern home cooking in 2020.The pace of modern life is incredibly fast. We all have places to go and things to do. For some, it feels like there’s never enough time to do some of the most important things in life, such as spending time with those you love or cooking nutritious meals.

It may seem like another mundane chore to end the day with a wholesome, home-cooked meal, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Cooking a tasty meal can be a lot of fun and quite a bit easier than most people think when you employ the internet and some amazing culinary tools in this age of technology.


[divider]The World of Cooking Websites[/divider]

A quick search for cooking websites can open a whole new world of possibilities. Sites like Yummly, AllRecipes, and provide millions of recipes of every type and difficulty level. If you are looking for something specific, there are plenty of websites dedicated to dishes of other countries, solely vegetarian, and even raw diet dishes.

The hunt for new and exciting recipes is fun and can become quite compelling. Once you begin to cook for yourself, friends, and family and realize how much joy it brings, you may find that you’re constantly checking out new ideas, meal plans, and recipes. If you aren’t on a dedicated wifi connection, your data usage can surge sky high. Making sure your wireless provider can keep up with your demand with the right plan allows you to concentrate more on your new culinary skills instead of overage charges.


[divider]YouTube Chefs[/divider]Youtube provides a wealth of information on any subject, and cooking is no exception. You’ll find everything from amateur chefs sharing recipes from their kitchen to food truck owners demonstrating their special dishes to celebrity chefs revealing professional secrets.

Involve your loved ones in the process and have fun cooking along with the videos. Compare your finished product to example and enjoy devouring your delicious combined efforts. If your results aren’t quite what you expected, you can still have a ton of fun and make plans for your next attempt.


[divider]Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery[/divider]

Everyone has a favorite restaurant, and often you can make your own version of your favorite restaurant’s best dish. Many local restaurants will happily share their recipes with customers. Just shoot them an email or reach out on social media. If they’re reluctant to share, look for alternatives that are a close match.

Don’t stop with your favorite restaurant. Local farms, bakeries, and butcher shops also offer recipes made with their own products. Remember that using locally grown and harvested produce, herbs and even meats can add a special touch to a new dish.


[divider]Techie Tools for the Kitchen[/divider]

There are so many amazing kitchen appliances and gadgets in this modern age. While using vintage kitchen tools has a charm all its own, newer inventions save time and make cooking easier, revolutionizing your mealtime.

Many home cooks have fallen in love with the Instant Pot. This handy device is a combination slow cooker-pressure cooker. The beauty of a pressure cooker is the ability to throw together a meal fairly quickly; you can even cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes! Another popular technique among foodies is the sous vide method. This is where you vacuum seal something like a cut of meat in a pouch and then cook it low and slow in a water bath, usually with a sous vide device. This slow cooking method results in a tender, juicy meal, though definitely not one you can get on the table quickly.

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. In addition to finding new tastes and flavors to explore, you can use it to connect and forge a stronger bond with the people you love. Incorporating the newest kitchen gadgets and technology is also a great way to learn while having fun together. Whether you are a budding chef, a busy parent, or just a foodie, with the internet at your fingertips, there are myriad ways to learn how to cook in a fun and adventuresome way.