Hostex 2022 is refreshed and it’s happening at Sandton Convention Centre from Sunday, 26 to Tuesday, 28 June – and the industry is ready for it! James Khoza, President of SA Chefs Association and Hostex Ambassador, says that an exciting comeback for the hospitality, food and drink sectors and for the long-standing Hostex expo is exactly what’s needed to “celebrate the ongoing resilience and innovation within an industry that was severely battered by the pandemic.”

He adds that the timing for Hostex is ideal. “With the recent (and very welcome) termination of the National State of Disaster, the industry has now fully re-opened which will boost our sector, stimulate domestic and international and business and leisure tourism, and once again make a meaningful contribution to South Africa’s economy.”

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Hostex 2022 will run for three days from Sunday, 26 June to Tuesday, 28 June (from 09h30 to 16h30 on each day) providing opportunity for everyone who’s anyone in the hospitality, food and drink sectors to visit the show.

Gary Corin, MD at Specialised Exhibitions, a division of the Montgomery Group and long-standing organisers of Hostex, says since 1984 the show has faithfully provided an excellent platform for exhibitors to engage face-to-face with their clients, launch new products, and stay up to date with industry trends. “Before the pandemic we themed Hostex 2022 as REFRESHED, little knowing just how relevant that would be to a courageous industry that has withstood the ravages of the past two years but is standing tall, ready to be revitalised, renewed, and even reinvented.”

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Hostex 2022’s three theme days will be:

  1. Comeback Sunday – for a resilient industry making a post-pandemic comeback
  2. Sustainability Monday – sustainability is steadily becoming an industry hallmark
  3. Technology Tuesday – technology is constantly changing our world for the better

Show attractions include SA Chefs Association’s The Skillery; a Coffee Market hosted by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCASA) which will again feature a barista competition; and a wide-ranging array of exhibitors all eager to showcase their products and services.

Corin adds, “Industry feedback about a refreshed Hostex 2022 has been positive. People across the board are enthusiastic about the chance to reconnect in person with their industry. More than many other industries, this one thrives on personal contact. While virtual expos do have some advantages – reduced costs, no travel, convenient to attend – we have found that virtual shows have not delivered the same positive expo experience that people the world over have come to expect and enjoy.”

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Charlene Hefer, Hostex Portfolio Director, says the pandemic highlighted the value of face-to-face interaction. “Relationship building is far more meaningful and lasting at an in-person show; physical interaction with products and services that represent a major investment by decision-makers reduces doubt about purchases; information gathering about trends, innovations and developments in the markets is more accessible; and networking with industry trailblazers is always rewarding.”

Hefer acknowledges that while Hostex has a strong 38-year track record of delivering value, opportunity and innovation to the industry, “when you add Specialised Exhibitions’ extensive show organisation experience, as well as our recent success in delivering three great shows in South Africa in 2022 when Covid-19 restrictions eased, we have a formidable combination.” Hefer says the company is always fully compliant with safety protocols: “We were delighted by the enthusiasm of both exhibitors and visitors at the respective 2022 shows. Hostex, we believe, will see the highest levels of enthusiasm – that’s just the way the industry is.”

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