An African Oasis that will take you back in time, reigniting your senses and re-introducing you to a wonderful world filled with culture, history, topography, geology and biodiversity that will keep you wanting more…

The White Lion Lodge is located at the foot of the towering Warmwaterberg Mountains, a canvas painted with a palette of various shades of brown and orange. The colours become even more vibrant with the sunrise and sunset – captivating of all your senses.

A Karoo Wilderness Retreat on the Route 62, offering a unique nature and wildlife experience only 3 hours out of Cape Town. The privately-owned White Lion Lodge is situated on the Sanbona Reserve, and offers a unique wildlife and nature experience that tantalises ones adventure senses and is known for the vastness of the landscape, the alluring stillness, and the isolation amid raw beauty and boundless plains that make Sanbona unique – all of which is an enticing draw point for the guests at White Lion Lodge.

The five-star wildlife reserve as it is named, instead of ‘game reserve’, is home to a diverse variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. The nature-drive experience is unlike no other as they draw your attention to not only the animals occupying the land, but also offer an educational aspect whereby they teach you all about the biodiversity and history of the reserve. The White Lion Lodge team, and experienced game ranger, goes to the utmost heights to ensure you have the opportunity to view and, indeed, get close to these wild animals. If you’re fortunate enough, you may even spot the elusive leopard, which was only recently spotted for the first time in around six years.

Offering luxury accommodation, exceptional personal service and delicious cuisine combined with nature drives through a 30 000ha concession of the reserve, the White Lion Lodge has become a popular destination point for wildlife lovers and travellers alike, over the past few months and it’s a no-brainer as to why.

Upon arriving at the lodge, a sense of calmness starts surrounding you. You’ll quite literally experience a breath of fresh air. Gone is the stress induced by everyday work life.

With four individual stilted, unique glass and thatch suites, each has a spacious bedroom, dressing room, full bathroom and its own outdoor shower, guests are treated to functionality and luxury, mixed with exquisite panoramic views over the riverbed.

Each suite is equipped with a fireplace, satellite television, under floor heating, air-conditioning, mini-bar fridge, tea and coffee making facilities.

Described as “the perfect isolated nature hideaway,” the White Lion Lodge can accommodate up to eight guests in four individual rooms. They have cleverly incorporated natural elements such as natural stone walkways which meander through a Karoo garden and provide easy access between the main lodge and the suites.

“We want our guests to experience the silence of the Klein Karoo while our discreet staff ensure impeccable and personalised service,” says Gerhild.

After a long morning of sight-seeing, what better way than to return to the lodge and relax by the pool, or wind down with a book from the library on one of the sun decks around the 15-meter infinity swimming pool, or laze on your private wooden deck and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Klein Karoo.

“The Klein Karoo is a lifestyle and visitors want to experience it. Clients shouldn’t come for the big game, the game is a plus. They should come to experience the lifestyle and the magic of the Klein Karoo, the wide open spaces, the ever changing landscapes, with their towering cliffs and rolling hills, indigenous flora, as well as the dry and hot climate in Summer and ice cold nights in Winter,” says Gerhild.

The Klein Karoo is very rich in plant species. Almost 3200 have been recorded of which more than 400 are endemic. One of the highlights of this region is that of the Sanbona Reserve which exists within various flora kingdoms, namely; Acacia Thickets, Nama Karoo, Renosterveld, Succulent Karoo, Central Mountain Fynbos. The ever-changing colours of the majestic mountains, scenic passes, rivers, wildlife reserves, vineyards and orchards, as well as the multitude of attractions, will offer you an unforgettable adventure, that will keep you coming back for more.

When it comes to the cuisine served at the lodge, only the best will do – especially local. South African cuisine is served either in the dining room or on the veranda under the glorious African sky. With an impressive resume, the head Chef uses the freshest produce to create dishes that combine flavours from her childhood, together with the latest cooking techniques of European influence.

“Food and emotions are incredibly interlinked, and nowhere is that more evident than in our cooking at the Lodge. All of us in the local areas try and work together, promote each others business, brands, lodges and services. We, at the Lodge, make an effort to promote local products, where ever we can as well as serve local wines from the area.” says Gerhild.

So what makes this lodge unique, compared to that of their competitors? The fact that the lodge is a private home, let out to nature lovers, which is something unique and special that you won’t find at any other hotel. “It is very individually decorated, with a very personal and hands-on management team. Whilst being remotely situated in the Karoo, you will still find all the luxuries of a hotel stay. We try to spoil our guests as much as we can and make them feel at home – they arrive as strangers and leave as friends,” Gerry adds.

A private game vehicle with a qualified field guide takes you on two nature drives per day. An afternoon nature drive through the southern part of the reserve and an early morning game drive to the northern side of the reserve. Your nature drive within the Wildlife Reserve can be carried out at any time throughout the day where you will be provided with insightful information on the fauna and flora of the Klein Karoo. If seeing a White Lion in their natural habitat is on your wildlife bucket-list, then this is the place for you, as the White Lion project returned an integrated lion pride including adult males and female white lions back to the wild.

But more so, the Riverine rabbit, which can be seen on night drives is endemic to parts of the Klein Karoo and is one of the most endangered terrestrial mammals in South Africa and has captivated many wildlife enthusiasts over the country. With an estimation of a few hundred animals being left in the wild, today the species is facing an extremely high risk of extinction.

“The daily programs can be customised to the needs of our guests. We give a very personalised service and 99% of the time, I’m here myself and work with the guests. Nature drives are offered in German and English and Afrikaans, which makes is easier for German guests to understand, esp. during the afternoon drives which very often go through the Renosterveld and the guides concentrate on flora and medicinal plants in the southern part of the reserve,” adds Gerry.

It’s a place where you can ‘reboot’ your internal software – switch off your internal clock and simply revel in the peace and silence of the Karoo bush.

White Lion Lodge is a holistic haven, a place where you can truly leave behind the city confines and find peace for your mind.

Adventure. Ambiance. Animals. Atmosphere. And attention to detail. This is what makes the White Lion Lodge a must-visit destination!

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