I always say – if you’re going to have a cheat meal, may as well do it properly!

The new summer menu at Crumbs & Cream is indulgence in its best form.  No stale doughnuts here.  On the subject of doughnuts, you absolutely must try their Mexican inspired Churros – more about this later.

When MTF gave me the opportunity to eat ice cream for breakfast at Crumbs & Cream’s summer menu launch, there was no hesitation.

On arrival at the Crumbs & Cream flagship store in Sea Point (16 Regent Road, should you wish to pop into your GPS and get that sugar fix immediately), we were treated to an array of tasters and cappuccino’s. Little did I know that the tasters were just an appetiser before we were to select the real thing:  two gigantic cookies (with about 10 different flavour options), sandwiching your choice of gelato (another 12 or so delectable options), and then topped with your choice of sprinkles, smarties, cookie crumbs or marshmallows to name a few.

My tip when indulging in this extreme treat:  Wear a bib, no matter what your age! And take along some wet wipes.

Being rather extravagant and thinking more about exciting colours than flavour combinations, I opted for:

– Mexican inspired Churro doughnuts as the ‘cookie’ base. (I had previously tried these as a taster and they were certainly a winner)

– Oreo flavoured Gelato with blue colouring as the filling

– Smarties for a colourful topping

I was lucky to bump into Angel, friend and next Trevor Noah to come out of South Africa (watch this space, she is one entertaining lady), and the two of us kept well entertained trying to get the best “biting into Crumbs & Cream but still looking pretty snapshot”. Unfortunately the results are a tad scary.

The winning dish for me was the Crumb Shake, unlike any milkshake I have ever tasted yet always desired.

Get your late night munchies covered, with Crumbs & Cream at their Sea Point Store. They’re open Sun – Thurs: 9:30 – 23:30 and Fri – Sat: 9:30 – 00:00 (and during the festive period, even later!).

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