Your favourite illy coffee blends are now available on supermarket shelves as branded aluminium capsules. Compatible with Nespresso capsule machines, coffee lovers will now be able to enjoy this premium coffee brand in the comfort of their homes.

Illy coffee beans and instant coffee have already been available in select retailers, but with the introduction of illy capsules to supermarket shelves, and to a wider range of retailers than before, the opportunity to enjoy this blend has increased.

Recognised by The International Chef Community as a premium brand based on ingredient best selection, blending and combining of ingredients, cupping and superior customer experience, the illy capsules are available in five different blends – Classico, Intenso, Forte, Decaffeinato and Classico Lungo. This variation of tastes offers a preferred option for all coffee lovers to enjoy and share.

Due to more time being spent at home over the past two years the demand for more at home coffee choices has increased. Coffee drinkers are now brewing and experimenting with coffee flavours in their homes, a trend that has illy shifting focus to not only include home consumption but to also give the home coffee drinker premium coffee tastes with their aluminium capsule range.

Brewed with sustainably sourced Arabica beans from around the world, the velvety illy taste is synonymous with sophistication and quality. This premium coffee can now become a standard in all homes and enjoyed throughout the day.

Illy aluminium coffee capsules are available at all retail and online stores at a RRSP of R79,99