Top culinary brand KOO celebrated the launch of its new offering, KOO Pilchards in Soweto on the 28th of June 2022. The heritage brand also showcased the release of its exciting collaboration with clothing brand Thesis Lifestyle, where they debut a collection of t-shirts, hoodies and hats from the #ThesisxKOO range.

Hosted by social media entrepreneur and content creator Azola Mona, guests got to experience, taste and enjoy the brilliant KOO Pilchards infused menu while dancing to old school classics – true to the essence of KOO being an integral part of our most fond memories.

“For over 80 years, we have been the epicentre of many family moments, celebrations and memories created through our mutual fondness for food. Our consumers have since enjoyed a plethora of exciting innovations from us to elevate their meals, including the newly launched KOO Pilchards,” said Marketing Director for Tiger Brands, Edna Maphita. “As a brand, nostalgia has been a super power of ours because for generations, we have been in the forefront of crafting significance and memories with our consumers and the KOO Pilchards is no different. Though new in our category, it will definitely resonate with our core consumers, while doing the job of recruiting new-age food enthusiasts to enjoy our and fall in love with our brand.” Edna concluded.

Throughout the years, the mandate for KOO has not only been to become the leaders in the FMCG industry, but to also empower the communities it serves. The #ThesisxKOO collaboration is testament to the brands ongoing mission to elevate the talents of young South Africa through purposeful collaborations. Through the partnership with Thesis Lifestyle, the brand produced an assortment of high-quality merchandise that includes bespoke t-shirts, bucket hats and hoodies to keep fans of the brand fashionably warm this winter season.

The exciting new KOO Pilchards comes in two amazing flavours Pilchards in Tomato Sauce and Pilchards in Hot Chilli Sauce that take one’s tastebuds on a culinary experience unlike any other.


For more information check out the KOO website, and find them on social media @ KOOFoodZA on Facebook, @KOO_Food on Twitter, @koofoodsa on Instagram. Engage in conversations and share your Pilchard moments with us online using the hashtag #iStraighLendaba