Lourensford is a huge wine farm located close to the magnificent Helderberg nature reserve and the Erinvale golf estate. But Lourensford is so much more than a wine farm. Lourensford is an experience, every aspect of Lourensford tells the historic story of art, wine, and the splendours of nature.

A group of Instagrammers were invited to Lourensford to enjoy the scenery and take pictures for their “Seasons of Lourensford” competition (which you should enter). While we were there, the hosts were kind enough to set up a guided path that lead us to a wonderful lake. The fluffy white clouds were reflected on the water, and the orange\red skies tinted the water a shade of red. We were afforded the opportunity to share a scrumptious breakfast in a little brown hut with the other photographers (as you can see in the picture below. The lake nearby, the rugged mountain towering over us and the sight of the vineyard kept us too excited to even notice the cold, even though it was freezing.

On our way to the wine tasting venue, we saw a group of cyclists riding their bicycles.  And that was when I learnt that this was one of the largest wine farms in the area. The farm allows people to cycle, run and hike in their farm. They even have a Montessori school within their yard! And this was when I felt like I wasn’t really in a wine farm, but instead in a little country on its own. Our hosts took us to the wine tasting venue, where we had a tour of the winery. Lourensford stores wines for other wine farms nearby and helps them in part of the wine making process. But alas, what’s the point of visiting a wine farm without having a wine tasting. We were offered 5 glasses of wines, each with chocolate that complemented the taste of the wine. And I rate that this was one of the most fun wine tasting experiences I have had. It wasn’t too serious (although they do have wine tasting packages for the wine connoisseurs out there), it was about having fun and learning about different tastes.

So, that was all for Lourensford for that day. It took us half a day to explore the place and do wine tasting, and I felt like I had not even scratched the surface of what Lourensford has to offer. So I requested that I come back a few more times to properly experience it. And Lourensford were gracious enough to let me come back, and that is exactly what I did.

My next visit focussed solely on the food and coffee experience of Lourensford. They have a fantastic restaurant called “Mill House Kitchen”, which is an ideal place to let go and unwind. Surrounded by nature, wine, laughter and the heat from the roaring fire place inside, its sure to lifts your spirits (no pun intended).

I had a pork belly with mash. I had to take a few pictures before digging in, and man was that hard. Its difficult looking and smelling food that gets those Dopamine receptors firing, but not being able to eat it immediately. Anyways, I finally got around to eating the food and it was oh so divine. The pork belly was made perfectly with a crusty top layer. The mash was perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth. There is a reason that this is one of their most popular dishes on their menu.

My friend knows my love for coffee, and last year he (Werner) took me on a surprise trip to Lourensford (he drove me all the way from Cape Town) to get me a cup of coffee. And as a coffee lover himself, he knew that I would enjoy the coffee. And I surely did. It was an ideal place to celebrate a birthday, enjoy the company of a friend and chat about life and philosophy.  I have reviewed Lourensford coffee on @instaeatscapetown (Instagram), and if you get the chance, do check it out.

I now understand why people want to have their weddings, birthdays, picnics, family trips, wine tasting adventures, hiking trips, cycling trips etc etc in Lourensford. I want to end off this article with a picture I took at Lourensford for an engagement shoot I did last year.

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