Move over Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, there’s a new kid in town – Chocolate Tahini Cups!

To preface the recipe I’m going to explain my rational for developing these nuggets of goodness. I will never believe in deprivation in terms of diet or really anything else. The biggest issue with deprivation diets which require you to exclude entire groups of foods for certain periods of time, is that it isn’t a manageable lifestyle change, after 30 days of eating a new deprivation diet, which requires restriction of major food groups you end up craving those foods and then after the diet is over you binge on those foods. Now elimination diets are completely different, when eliminating foods for a reason, such as finding out sensitivities and allergies, that is completely acceptable, and I support that wholeheartedly. I’ve done elimination diets and have found them completely worthwhile and I highly recommend them as the most comprehensive and complete sensitivity and allergy test. I created this recipe because I believe in food healing and fueling you, this chocolate tahini cup is energy boosting, high in magnesium (great for your digestive tract and regular poops), totally delicious. I don’t believe that your food or what you eat should be attributed with guilt, I do believe that you should make an effort to ensure every morsel that passes your lips is helping, healing, and fueling your body.

This recipe will do all of those things with just  5 ingredients! Get the full recipe and instructions on how to make your own Chocolate Tahini Cups on Fuel Goodness. Enjoy!

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