With warmer weather upon us, now’s the time to stock up on this devilishly delicious adult treat! Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, alcohol-infused ice cream. With no artificial flavours or ingredients, it’s outrageously good!

Created in Johannesburg in 2018, Moonshine is the brainchild of Laszlo Bene and Willem Steenkamp. They both love sharing fantastic food and what started out as a single-flavour dinner party experiment, led to four more. Before they knew it, they had developed a range of flavours which their sometimes not-so-willing friends were made to try. Bless them because they have helped bring us this naughty and nice indulgence.


Moonshine is not only about the taste but also the experience. The flavour and texture need to be just right. We were treated to a personal tasting with Laszlo who told us that no small spoonfuls were allowed. We had to just dig in! When asked about Moonshine’s flavour combinations, Laszlo says, “There’s nothing really new under the sun. It’s how you put it all together that makes all the difference. Our flavours are bold, three-dimensional, out of the box and quite unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Simply put, they will make you smile.”

With all five flavours being so uniquely different, it was tough to choose a favourite. Each is rich and creamy, light and smooth. Every spoonful is a melt-in-your-mouth delight.


Vodka-infused Vanilla – rich and a little spicy, with a clean vodka bite. It’s deliciously creamy and by far the smoothest.

Tequila Orange Cinnamon – fresh, citrusy and spicy. The orange comes through strongly with a bit of cinnamon on the palate. A subtle hint of tequila which could do with a touch more of a kick.

Tipsy Irish Coffee – all cream, whisky and espresso. An outstanding strong burst of liqueur and lingering coffee notes. This would be great in a Dom Pedro or Affogato.

Salted Mealie Brandy – delicate balance of flaky salt and sweet corn. A real South African inspired ice cream. It doesn’t get more local than mealies and brandy and more to the point, it tastes great.

Chilli Chocolate Vodka – rich, chocolate-y and spicy. Layers of flavour and the lingering tingle of the chilli on your tongue is a delight.

Moonshine comes in beautiful 125ml jars which are the equivalent of two scoops of ice cream. Just the right portion for one. So go on… treat yourself at just R49 a jar and remember to #LickResponsibly.Moonshine is on the menus at OR Thambo Slow Lounge, Yami, Hell’s Kitchen, 8 to the Lounge, The Richmond Studio Café, Neigbourgoods Market or order online at www.moonshineicecream.co.za