More Than Food covers New York Fashion Week

Let’s talk FASHION. New York Fashion Week has returned as of September 7th and I am buzzing. The runway has debuted stunning new collections and astounding ready-to-wear garments for Spring 2018. Every year, and arguably around the clock, the world’s top designers and those-to-be work tirelessly on capturing new and upcoming trends to remain relevant and thriving.  

Desigual kicked off fashion week with a very interesting, fun, and alive show. Instead of the models strutting elegantly down the catwalk repping the new designs, they performed. Each model, wearing multi-cultural inspired ensembles, danced vigorously down the runway and then smoothly into slow-motion-like poses to emphasise the looks they were wearing. Each model had elaborate faces of makeup, complementing and pulling the entire look together. I’m not completely impressed with the collection as a whole due to the lack of maturity and age; however, I am living for the performance which I believed made the clothing look better and more appealing. Not only must designs be on point but the way in which they are presented and projected onto the audience / buyer is also hugely important.  

Desigual RTW Spring 2018

Image by Giavanni Gianonni for

I would love to continue on about couture shows but I’m more compelled to discuss my favorite and the most notable ready-to-wear collections, which is more relatable.  

“Fashion is an art that we all take part in.”

Marina Moscone delivered perhaps my favorite looks (alongside Victoria Beckham) for her ready-to-wear collection Spring 2018. Marina embodied elegance, sophistication, and simplicity perfectly – making each look an extreme success in my eyes. She experimented with soft, yet eye-capturing neutral colors and mediums. These designs hold dual-purposes which is maybe the best selling point of the entire collection. For New York Fashion Week, Moscone created looks that could appeal both in and out of the workplace. The subjects who decide to pull off Marina Moscone’s fashion will come across as in-touch with current fashion trends, but with such ease that it looks purposeful but not overdone. I’m not exaggerating when I say I would sport every piece she has presented for Spring 2018. The word impressed doesn’t do this collection justice.

Marina Moscone at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Collection

Image by Marina Moscone via

Now, onto Victoria Beckham. To be honest, I was never too keen on her prior work contrary to the hype. I guess I can now join the bandwagon because this time around, I’ve completely changed my stance. She NAILED it. I didn’t find a single flaw with any of the looks she created for her ready-to-wear Spring 2018 collection. From 1970s reminiscent collars to beautiful tailoring for office-chic everyday wear, I’m left speechless. She did everything right. The looks she created are so empowering and bold with subtle undertones that don’t scream obnoxious or over the top.  

New York Fashion Week Victoria Beckham 2018 Spring Collection

Image by Marcus Tondo / via

Finally, let’s discuss Fenty x Puma. I am not one to fawn over sportswear, especially the kind that’s paired with heels and a runway. Nonetheless, I’m willing to give it a go and give some semi-positive reviews because I’m looking to allow my mind to go beyond oversized blazers and flattering trousers. Well known designer for Fenty x Puma is none other than the pop musician Rihanna who also happens to be dropping a makeup line as well. If you don’t already know, Rihanna is infamous for taking fashion risks and ultimately never failing to look like the true goddess that she is.

I have to say, I am a big fan of spandex and I wear it regularly whether it be to the gym or paired with a nice oversized shirt. That’s why I’m overjoyed to see that biker shorts are making a comeback. Not only can biker shorts be worn to make a fashion statement as displayed in Dion Lee’s collection, but they’re also the perfect pair of bottoms to exercise in. Comfort and the perfect amount of coverage!

I’ve always wanted a pair of Rihanna’s puma creepers and maybe even a pair of Puma slides, but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the flip-flop heels that she’s debuted this New York Fashion Week. I guess anything can be a look if you’re confident enough! But, maybe not…

Fenty x Puma by Rihanna at New York Fashion Week

Image by Tombolini / via

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end but I am so taken aback with the art that some of the biggest names in the industry have pulled together. Fashion is an art that we all take part in. No matter your taste, bodytype, or interests in general, we all support the undying industry of fashion. Friday, September 15th through the 19th London Fashion Week is taking place. I’m eager to cover more designers and amazing new looks that we are all craving to see.

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