April’s here, and so is Spring. Soon people will start to comment that we are half way through the year and that time is flying by. So why am I writing a post on new years resolutions? Well, because not only are they not resolutions, they are what a friend calls “New Years Principles” and she posted them on her Facebook page on January 2nd. I found them so great that I believe these principles should be shared and spread throughout the entire year. So with Andrea Salazar’s permission, I am bringing you some of the best life advice I have ever come across. This is only some of it… I hope to complete the list in the posts to come.

1. In any type of relationship, only do 50% of the work.

2. No one has their sh*%t figured out before 30, and in any case, the 30’s are way more fun than the 20’s.

3. Some people just don’t add anything to your life…so never feel bad for cutting them out, even if they were friends or family.


5. Great things in life happen because you have been at least two of the following: Grateful, curious, open, privileged and or empathic.

6. “NO” is a complete sentence or phrase.

7. People are always more important than principals, principals exist to serve people.

8. When you are feeling down, be kind to yourself, treat yourself, indulge in good things, be considerate with your pain.

9. Never send a CV as a Word document, always send it as a PDF.

10. If you ever have to finish a sentence with “sorry, it was a joke” perhaps the joke wasn’t funny.

11. String beans, broccoli, spinach and beetroot are all delicious veggies, no matter how amazing your mom was, she probably didn’t know how to cook them.


13. Always pay attention to how your partners or potential partners (whether in business or in love) treat employees, receptionists, cleaners, animals, and children.

14. If someone asks if you want the last bite of something, it probably means that they want it, when you reply, be wise.

15. Being genuinely happy and enthusiastic about something makes you immediately immune to feeling any type of embarrassment.

16. Normally the “extra cheese” is a lie, unless your friend is making the pizza, in which case he would add it with no additional cost, so don’t waste your money.


18. A denim jackets goes well with any dress, tennis shoes go well with any denim jacket, therefore, tennis shoes go well with any dress.

19. The quickest way to get someone to like you is by genuinely showing interest for the other person. Ask them things about themselves instead of voluntarily giving out information about yourself…

20. People of all sexes go through different hormonal stages and their mood gets affected. Be kind.

Check back here for more next month…

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