New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 | Part Three – Emerging Designers

We are onto the final chapter of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018. In the fashion industry, there’s a mass number of aspiring designers looking for their big break. These designers put their blood, sweat, and tears into the work they love most, which is abundantly clear. I was invited to a show that debuted four up-and-coming designers. These emerging designers left the audience in awe.

Selly Djap

Selly Djap // photography by Matthew Hall

Selly Djap is originally from Indonesia where she’s been a designer for ten years. She’s currently residing in NYC pursuing her dreams of becoming one of the best. In 2017, she debuted her Spring/Summer 2018 collection titled “Sex”. The collection is very pink, very soft, and very innocent – despite the collection’s title. This collection reminds me a lot of Junior Year prom. Perfect for young girls to go to school dances in! Unfortunately, it lacked maturity so much that I was left completely uninterested. When I was invited to see her new collection titled “Trauma” for Fall 2018, I was skeptical. I desperately didn’t want it to resemble Sex and I cannot express the relief I felt when I saw it’s the exact opposite of her Spring/Summer collection. The music was moody, the ensembles were dark yet glamorous, and most importantly, this collection represented her versatility. Trauma illustrates “the struggle of childhood trauma and the transition into recovery through early adulthood”. I really admire when there’s a meaningful theme behind the art that’s created by each designer. Stories that resonate, especially with the current status of the world, has made fashion more than just something to wear.

Christina J Kim

Christina J Kim // Photography by Ankur Maniar

Christina J Kim was a major favorite of mine. Christina focuses on clothing that can be worn by any gender whilst focusing on “soft loose lines”. This time around, she brought the power with beautiful fabrics and garments that anyone can wear. My favorite design she brought to the runway was a gorgeous yellow halter cropped unitard matched with the most perfect black and white checkered puffer. The sorts of designs she blessed us with aren’t ones that belong to a strict occasion. These pieces can be dressed up or down, which I look for in any clothing that I purchase. Of course there was also gorgeous jumpers that I want to live in all of Fall 2018!

AJ Saunders

AJ Saunders // Photography by Ankur Maniar

AJ Saunders’ collection took a completely different route that screamed individuality. I was getting major Party Monster vibes in the best way. She experimented with bright colors, loud accessories, and gloomy, smeared makeup. This collection is the epitome of innovation. I love seeing designs that aren’t so granola. Fresh, new, and intimidating. I had a brief run-in with AJ and although we didn’t speak, her persona was so warm and radiant. I would love to crawl into her mind and learn a bit more behind her creative process.

Blakk April

Blakk April // Photography by Paul Reed

Introducing: I Got Issues by Blakk April. I love velvet, velour, and materials that are generally soft and comfortable but gorgeous all in one. I was immediately drawn to the gowns out of the entire collection. The gowns prove that elegant and sexy can come as a packaged deal! Ever seen a dress that didn’t make you think twice about wanting it with a burning passion? That’s exactly how this collection made me feel. 


In conclusion, this year onward we are supporting all emerging designers! These designers are the future of the fashion industry and giving them the credit where it is due is really important. Watching these shows and collections mature with each season is genuinely an honor. I have the utmost respect for these hard working individuals who continue to progress and push themselves in new and creative directions.

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