For readers who have followed some of my previous MTF contributions, you will know that I have become a bit of a fitness junkie and certainly subscribe to a healthy style of living. Of course, this includes at least 5 but usually 6 training sessions a week. At the start of the year with fuel prices continuing to go crazy, I made the decision to find a gym much closer to home to make training more convenient. I stumbled upon a brand called MyGym which has no fixed contracts and cuts gym fees drastically while still providing top quality trainers and facilities, just without the frills. No swimming pool, steam rooms or spa pool facilities. So, I thought, well why not give it a bash. If it doesn’t work out, I am not tied into some long expensive contract. MyGym has most certainly delivered and I now think of it as my home away from home.

So what makes MyGym different? There aren’t the egos of the proverbial gym bunnies around, the ages of customers are vast to say the least and the staff are incredible. You don’t have to have some fixed military style training regime and everyone is there to embrace a healthier lifestyle and have fun in a relaxed environment.  For me this is the essence of the brand, where all customers and staff proudly proclaim, “MyGym!”, when asked where they train.You cannot fully understand MyGym’s philosophy and how strongly this group of individuals buy into it without speaking to the staff. With that in mind, I sat down with 3 of them, Scott Kenee, Graeme Herman and Lindani Cwele.

Scott, who is the operations manger and a personal trainer comes from a martial arts background and in fact joined the gym initially to run ladies self-defence training. Graeme, a professional rugby player for the Blue Bulls in the first division, joined the gym originally as it was close by and he needed to do strength training. He was soon approached to run training programs on a part time basis and he says he has learnt many things from the gym and truly discovered the benefits of functional training.

I asked the team what they thought the real difference is between MyGym and other gyms out there. Graeme said, “It’s the personal touch. We try and get to know our members. You can explore different styles of fitness as opposed to doing just one style of training. I have never experienced a community in a gym like I have at MyGym.” Scott added, “One of our biggest things is communication with members. We try and build a connection with them. It’s a private gym, not a franchise so we put a lot of focus into making it different and try and stand out from the rest.” Lindani joins us and is quick to chime in, “It’s our approach, its about talking to the members, helping them and offering them advice. It’s about the community we have here.”

All three of the staff members speak a lot about the functional training programs and classes that are available at the gym and how these truly help in building the offering. For only R100 extra a month you get to attend as many of these classes as you want. This is where you can truly start to experience a different style of training and work with different aspects of training under the instruction of highly trained professionals.

In the knowledge that as part of this experience I was going to be subjected to sensory deprivation in the form of the MyFloat pod, I asked the guys what to expect. They were quick to point out that this was, in their opinions, one of the most amazing experiences and pointed out all the health benefits for the process to me as well. Essentially it’s all about “blanking out” and letting your body go into deep relaxation. There were smiles all around the table and I have to say I did wonder if there was something, they were not telling me about this interesting experience.

Following a strenuous workout on the Saturday morning and then a nice long cool shower I was joined by a fellow MTF, Darren Meltz, and we were whisked off to the 2 private pod rooms. We both chose to have music playing in the pod for the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of our session and chose to have complete darkness in the pod (there are lighting options should you not want complete darkness, although as South Africans we should be used to that by now!)

Our half hour floating experience then began. It took 2 or 3 minutes to become completely comfortable floating in warm Epsom salt infused water. The next thing I remember is starting to doze off and then literally only coming around again as the music starting playing again to signal the final 5 minutes. It was like having a full night’s sleep in a matter of half an hour. I exited the pod and could not believe how relaxed I was feeling. It was if the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders not to mention my muscles were feeling completely refreshed and revived.

I showered and exited to speak to the team and Darren only to discover that Darren was feeling just as rejuvenated. MyFloat’s promise is “Relax, Revive, Restore” and boy had it delivered on all three.

Suffice to say I highly recommend to all our readers that you take the time to try out this amazing experience. I cannot think of any other time in my life when I have been so at peace with the world and felt so relaxed.

For all the information you need about MyFloat, visit their website

It was by accident that I found MyGym and at a highly stressful time in my life and I am so glad I did.  In the three months I have been going there now I have been made to feel like I belong, I have become part of their community. MyGym has added to my want and need to build a healthier lifestyle.  A certain theme song from and ‘80s television program used to say “you wanna go where everybody knows your name…” They not only know your name, they care about you, your goals and make you feel like they are they are there for you as an individual. Experience MyGym and you will never want to train anywhere else!

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