Homebru is one of Exclusive Books biggest promotional campaigns for the year. The list for this year covers a remarkable selection of history, memoirs, and current affairs on South Africa’s most pressing and relevant topics, from identity to feminism, corruption to corporates, and everything in between. We are truly spoiled for choice – a cause for celebration in itself!

Exclusive Books have selected titles which embrace fresh perspectives on history, share never-before-told personal stories, challenge established views, and excavate the trough of political policy.

African literature is important not only because of its relevant setting and relatable storylines. It increases our social consciousness, and raises awareness to the social, political, and economic crises that our country and our brethren are facing. It confronts our humanity and shakes its knees while throwing its voice.

“As always, the formulating and curating of a collection is a creative process: we need to work between everything we want to include (but can’t!) and what we think does the best job of showcasing all that South African publishing has to offer.” – Batya Bricker, General Manager: Books and Brands Exclusive Books Exclusive Books are delighted to be partnering with Nomu for their Homebru campaign for 2021. For this campaign, Exclusive Books will be including two sachets of Nomu hot chocolate, with a note attached, with every online order delivered.

“Nomu is committed to creating the very best food and flavour experiences, but designed primarily for us, for use in our own homes, not in a test kitchen. With Homebru, Exclusive Books is committed to serving up the very best in current local writing – stories for us. So the pairing of these two brands seemed like the perfect fit.” – Batya Bricker, General Manager: Books and Brands Exclusive Books

You will notice that cookery has not fallen into the selection as Exclusive Books are giving this mouthwatering genre an entire campaign of its own in August 2021.

This year, the Homebru campaign will run from Thursday the 1st to Sunday 31st July 2021.