It’s always heartbreaking to see the first team leave a reality show. We always wish the best for every cook on their My Kitchen Rules journey. Sadly this week we said goodbye to the super stylish Palesa and Palesa.

We sat down with them to chat about the pressure points and the joyous moments on the show.

What made you both decide to embark on the My Kitchen Rules SA journey?

Over the course of our friendship, spending time together cooking has made it apparent to us that opening a restaurant is our ultimate food dream. The two of us share a deep passion for good food. Competing and being successful in a competition such as MKRSA would be a great way to validate our passion for cooking.


Sadly one team must be the first to leave. How did you feel when David revealed the final scores?

The odds were stacked against us as the last couple to cook, personality clashes had already developed and it exerted unnecessary pressure. We felt other teams scoring was strategic over and above what we faced in the kitchen . But this is a competition and we so grateful for the opportunity. We both competitive and always strive to win , hearing david reveal the score was heartbreaking as we both hoped for a second chance to still showcase our passion for cooking in the MKR kitchen.

What will you remember most about your experience on the show?

Our experience in this competition has been so valuable  for our friendship we certainly grew closer. We learnt using  authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch. We saw food as not only nourishing but also comforting, loving, fun, pleasurable. And also Meeting other team members and our amazing judges David and Jsomething and learning their different methods of cooking and their travelling experiences. We loved working with the MKR team the sponsors where amazing Nespresso, Samsung and Toyota. Thank you.


Which team from your group do you feel has what it takes to win the R1 million?

If we really have to choose we will have to go with Brett and Aiden.

Where would you love your cooking journeys to take you to from here?

We are so honoured to have taken the leap of faith and entered  this competition. It has reignited our passion for cooking. This journey certainly didn’t end as expected but in each loss there’s a gain – in every gain there is a loss and with each ending comes a new beginning. Our new beginning will be to finally open our restaurant. Our dishes will be simple, tasty and nutritious.

We have spent this time creating and testing recipes, visiting five-star restaurants, reading about new culinary methods, and devouring everything gourmet that we possibly can.

Stay Tuned…