“Take care of all your memories” Said my friend, Mick “For you cannot relive them.” These profound words by the great Bob Dylan certainly ring true, especially in today’s social times. We are gifted moments to live, share and be and it’s these moments we need to make the most of in every way we can.Bob Dylan Tribute Concert

Guitar at the Bob Dylan Tribute Concert

I was fortunate enough to experience just this at a celebration of Dylan’s work at the ‘Subterranean Songbook’ Tribute Concert at NIROX Sculpture Park in Krugersdorp. This beautifully tranquil setting played host to a collective of South Africa’s leading acoustic musicians paying homage to Dylan’s masterful compositions. This was Dylan as you’ve never heard before with arrangements on violin, harmonica and flute by Dayne Rothbletz, Jon Shaban, Adelle Nqeto, Shotgun Tori, Tubatsi Moloi, Jamie Acheson and Lucy Kruger.

It’s at events like these that you need to soak in everything, the atmosphere, the food and of course the music. This being said, nothing takes away from a concert experience more than worrying about and hassling with money. A great innovation on the day called Howler Loaded made this a completely cashless event. Yes, that’s right, cashless! I didn’t even need to have my wallet with me.

Food at the Bob Dylan Tribute Concert Sandwich and Howler Card

The delicious food that was on offer from some of Jozi’s finest food market traders was just a tap of a card away. My Howler Loaded card is one of my new favourite things. It really lives up to its promise and makes every moment matter. This was an experience any food and music lover would revel in. No queues, no worries, just a great day out sipping G&T and musing about the answers that are blowin’ in the wind.

This is just one of a series of concert experiences. Follow #HowlerLoaded #EveryMomentMatters and @niroxarts for details of what’s to come.