PRIMI – We. Love. (YOUR) Food

What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than with a girlfriend over lunch and a glass of red wine. Oh wait, not just any lunch, but a lunch held at the NEW LOOK PRIMI.

It’s been a good two years since I visited the Canal Walk PRIMI which is to be expected since I have only recently moved down to Cape Town a year ago, but my oh my what a pleasant surprise this was. The Primi I once knew, which is now located at Entrance 8 Upper Level, had a completely new look. It was fresh, sparkled with natural sunlight from its double-volume glass ceiling atrium, and in true Primi style, the new space oozed electric urban chic.

PRIMI Restaurant Canal Walk Cape Town Inside

Inside PRIMI Restaurant (photo provided by PRIMI)

Met with a friendly helpful hostess, our Women’s Day lunch was off to a fantastic start. I would be getting my much awaited dose of artisan pasta with Italian imported ingredients, all the while feeling right at home.

It was a no brainer for us. It would be a double order of the Groote Post Old Man’s Blend, and the same applied for the Pesctore, a pasta filled with all my favourite seafood delights: Prawns, mussels and calamari, pan-fried with olive oil and Mediterranean deliciousness.

Pescatore Italian Dish

Pescatore photo by Carissa Gan via Unsplash

Lunch was served in no time. Before our eyes sat a seafood delight of epic proportions. One thing I can say with conviction and extreme joy in my heart about this establishment is that portion size is not something they’ve ever been afraid of, while never compromising on quality. If silence was the sound of enjoying one’s meal, then these “ladies who lunch” had arrived to culinary heaven and were not about to leave any time soon.

The rest of this wintery afternoon saw two happy ladies enjoying a lazy afternoon brought on by over indulgence and red wine – nothing could’ve topped this!

PRIMI Restaurant Canal Walk Cape Town Staff

PRIMI’s friendly staff (photo provided by PRIMI)

Unable to even contemplate the dessert menu, the manager politely offered that we get some for take-away. As my Grandmother always said, “There is always space for dessert,” so in following my family tradition (no other reason) Zeni could not say no to silky cheesecake drenched in summer berries (take me back!).

Our afternoon had sadly come to an end. We would have to leave Primi and continue the daily humdrum of everyday life. Alas, it was quickly brought to my attention that PRIMI Canal Walk had recently launched their new breakfast menu. Well now, there’s the silver lining. I would return in the very foreseeable future for round two! *insert happy dance*

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