In this whimsical season of merriment, we cordially invite our esteemed aficionados to infuse their festivities with a splash of Hendrick’s – a gesture set to become a cherished and steadfast holiday tradition. Envision each pour of our distinctive gin not merely as a delightful indulgence, but as the inception of a beloved gifting ritual, one that weaves the unique charm of Hendrick’s into the tapestry of your festive celebrations. Let each clink of the glass echo the spirit of joy, transforming the simple act of giving into a memorable, refreshing encounter.

Welcome to the whimsical world of Hendrick’s, where we pay an ode to the humble cucumber – not just as a garnish, but as a gateway to a refreshingly-elevated gin experience. This peculiar pairing of cool cucumber with Hendrick’s unique rose and cucumber infusion transports your senses into a botanical adventure. Embrace the delightfully-odd and let the cucumber, in its understated elegance, guide you to a remarkably refreshing encounter. Cheers to the splendidly unusual!


Themed-Christmas Trees: Redefining Festive Décor with Hendrick’s Gin 

This festive season, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre transforms into a wonderland of opulence and whimsy with its Themed-Christmas Trees, from 29th November to 29th December. Among these, the Hendrick’s Gin tree stands tall, a beacon of sophistication and luxury. This splendid tree, adorned in the distinct Hendrick’s aesthetic, invites connoisseurs of fine tastes to capture a moment with it.


A Feast for the Senses: Hendrick’s High-Tea Menu

The magic unfolds further on the 30th of November at a media-exclusive event, where the Hendrick’s tree will be unveiled for the first time. Here, guests will be treated to a Hendrick’s high-tea menu, an exquisite fusion of traditional high tea with a refreshing twist of Hendrick’s-infused delights. This exclusive menu serves as a prelude to the festive rituals that Hendrick’s Gin embodies, offering a glimpse into the refreshing encounters that await this holiday season.


Gin in a tea-cup, you ask?

Certainly! At the unveiling of the Hendrick’s Christmas tree,  we’re infusing the elegance of high-tea with the peculiar charm of Hendrick’s Gin. This unique pairing serves as a nod to the brand’s affinity for the unconventional being enjoyed in a sophisticated manner. Hendrick’s, renowned for its gentle notes of cucumber and rose, complements this whimsical setting, encouraging a spirit of curiosity.

It’s an experience that goes beyond mere taste, inviting you to revel in the delightfully unusual, where every Hendrick’s encounter is an exploration of savouring the extraordinary in a curiously-peculiar way.

Hendrick’s: The Heart of Festive Rituals

Hendrick’s, more than a gin, is a companion for creating new festive traditions. Its unique character and refreshing essence make it an ideal addition to any celebration, turning ordinary moments into memorable rituals. As the perfect gift for the discerning, for those who seem to have everything, or for a gracious host planning a holiday gathering, Hendrick’s promises to add a touch of the extraordinary.


Menlyn’s Trendy Gift Guide: Featuring Hendrick’s

In anticipation of the holiday shopping season, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is also proud to announce its trendy gift guide, featuring Hendrick’s Gin among its coveted selections. This guide, crafted for the style-savvy and the trendsetters alike, is an invitation to explore the perfect gifts for every occasion, with Hendrick’s Gin as a highlighted choice for those seeking to give a gift that truly stands out.


Your Merry Menlyn Experience Awaits – Put A Little Hendrick’s in Your Trolleys

Join Hendrick’s at Menlyn Park this festive season for a journey of luxury, sophistication, and unforgettable holiday experiences, where Hendrick’s Gin will light up the season with their unique sparkle.


This season we invite you to step into our carefully-curated Merry Holiday World of Hendrick’s – you’d be silly not to!