Qiniso Van Damme is M-Net’s first Bachelorette. She was the first to step out of the limousine, onto the red carpet, and into the mansion in The Bachelor SA Season 2. She was the first to wow the #BachelorNation with her larger-than-life, what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality and big smile; and the first to kiss hunk Marc Buckner. Now she’s getting another chance to find the man of her dreams as South Africa’s very first Bachelorette!

Qininso took some time to chat to us and share some of her thoughts on love and her new reality TV adventure.



Tell us a bit about your dating  journey prior to The Bachelor.

So, I definitely can say that I have had my luck. I’ve had relationships and they have all been long term. The thing that has been lacking really is finding my partner in crime, a.k.a my adventure buddy. Also the thing that’s been missing is somebody who sees the kind of future that I see for myself. One where there’s kids, a shared home and there’s love and happiness and marriage and all of that. I guess I can say it’s my millennia. We’re very obsessed with entanglements and situationships rather than looking at the long-term and building something with someone. So, I have been lucky but I haven’t been lucky in finding that right person.


What made you decide to embark on this new journey?

You know firstly I’m not a Tinder girl. I’m not a dating app girl. I really love to look at a person when I’m talking to them and being in their presence. I can’t have cheese curls as my boyfriend anymore. And it’s not like I can go on a date so why on earth not?


How different do you anticipate this experience to be from The Bachelor?

Well I’m going to now hold the Excalibur. I have the sword and the power is in my hands. I’m also very aware of the responsibility that that comes with. This is not Lotto Star, this is not a competition. This is real life and actually finding real love and people are going to be putting their feelings out there on the line for me. So, I’m very aware of the power that being on the other side comes with but I’m also very lucky that I went through the Bachelor experience and I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. I’m coming with that to this season – empathy, love, magic, pizazz!


What can South Africans expect from The Bachelorette SA?

They can definitely expect the same person they saw in season two. I’m still that bubbly person; apologetically taking up the space that my parents fought for me to have as a mixed-race couple. I’m still gonna be bubbly, goofy, quirky.com. That’s me, you type that into the search bar and a photo of me pops up going, “Yeah bro. Napoleon Dynamite rocks.”


Have you been on any dates since The Bachelor?

I have. I have been on a date or two but I’m single so those don’t matter.


What are you looking for most in a potential beau?

Shew, I’m definitely looking for someone who wants to live their life, who wants to go on adventures and do exciting new things. Also to have those days in which are quiet and cuddled and share dinner. I’m basically just looking for a Ying to my Yang. I know that I’m a very particular kind of human being. I’m a very random human who’s very bubbly and not everybody is like me. It’s really nice to have someone who’s the quiet to my tumultuous waters. Someone calm and when I’m like “YEAH!!”, they’re like “yeeeaaah.”


Guys who want to enter The Bachelorette SA should go to the M-Net website to complete the short entry form. To be part of the show, you have to be over 21 and a South African citizen, or have permanent residency. Entries will close on 08 August 2020 at 23:59.

M-Net is planning to have The Bachelorette SA Season 1 on its schedule early next year, with filming taking place as soon as possible in 2020.

Fans can follow all the breaking news around the show on the M-Net website, and join the conversation with #TheBacheloretteSA on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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