Reimagining Urban Space at The Yard

Cities come alive when any form of reimagining takes places around their older or more rougher edges. The Silo District of Cape Town’s V & A Waterfront has seen this happen over the past months. First with the opening of the Silo Hotel, then followed by other retail and leisure spaces, and on the 6th October The Yard will be proudly opening its doors.

Glasses at The Yard

Inside The Yard

I was invited to the media launch of this exciting new space, which doubles as a retail area and eatery. Covering an impressive 120m2 there is no storage of breathing room or enticing views. The restaurant has a Euro-Asian focus, seamlessly blending the two niches as if they were made to be paired. The retail space offers classy urban homeware that left me drooling. As if that’s not enough, the space quickly transitions into a delicatessen and chic coffee bar.

The Yard, named after the surrounding dockyards in the Waterfront region, is the brainchild of hospitality expert Abigail Bisogno, and restaurateur GP Singh. Abigail adds: “The inspiration for The Yard came from my wine farm background, and my creation of the Spice Route Destination in Paarl, together with my partner’s experience in the food industry over the last 15 years.”The Yard owners Abigail Bisogno and GP Singh


Tasters at The Yard

The two are a surprising, but delightful pair, and hearing a little of their vision and inspiration for The Yard I knew that I’d be a frequent visitor. Occupying a ground floor space, The Yard is strategically poised to welcome visitors through it’s doors. I was mesmerized by the food offerings, and the space seemed to be perfectly designed to inspire conversation.

The mixed-used space is harmonious with the similar ethos reflected throughout the Silo District. Whether you’re in the area for business and need a quick coffee, needing some where to languor over a pan-asian meal, or simply browsing for some new home inspiration, the Yard will be sure to satisfy your needs.

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