Episode two winner embraces simple home cooking to craft winning dish.

Kholiwe Rafu’s deep-fried buttermilk chicken dish was deemed the top pick for this week’s episode of Cooking for a Cause – delivered by DHL. Kholiwe (IG: kholiwe_cooks) was selected as the winner of Episode 2 and moves forward to the finale to be held on 16 November.

“This was definitely the toughest week to judge – all four dishes were really beautifully prepared and presented – each of the contestants paid great attention to the ingredients and flavours,” says Chef David Higgs. “Kholiwe’s dish was beautifully plated, delicate and not overpowering. The combination of marsala chickpeas and lentils with the perfectly cooked buttermilk chicken was really beautiful.”

Kholiwe, originally from the Eastern Cape, is passionate about making food on a budget. She shares this on her Instagram page and YouTube by posting recipes and pictures of her creations. Along with the three other contestants – Ravishni Mahadeo (IG: @ravishnimahadeo), Aspasia Karras (IG: @aspasia_karras), Anesca Latsky (IG: anescalatsky) – Kholiwe received an ingredient box from Food Lovers Eatery on Monday afternoon. The box contained baby marrows, fresh peas, halloumi, lentils, Fatti’s & Moni’s Bellissima Penne Pasta, basil, chicken and asparagus.

Kholiwe made deep-fried buttermilk-marinated chicken served with lentils and chickpeas cooked with garlic, cumin and garam masala. For the vegetables, she blanched the peas and asparagus and pickled the courgettes in lemon and sugar.

The show, which has nearly doubled its viewership a mere two episodes into its second season, proves that South Africans are not only embracing the online world but have also returned to their kitchens. The show’s theme centers on the countrywide requirement for social distancing in response to COVID-19. Competitors cook for a cause – in 60 minutes – in their own homes, DHL then collects the finished dishes at 7pm and delivers them to Chef David Higgs and his co-host, well known TV anchor Marcelle Gordon, for tasting and judging.

“Entrants of the show come from all walks of life, cultures and culinary experiences. Just this week we had Mauritian, Greek, Italian and South African influences from our contestants! From aspirant home-cooks who love cooking for loved ones to bloggers, food writers and entrepreneurs who have delved into catering as a career or passion project,” says Marcelle. “It’s incredible to be allowed into these people’s homes and kitchens – a wonderfully personal flavour journey.”

Season two of Chef David Higgs’ online cooking show, Cooking for a Cause – delivered by DHL, broadcasts live every Monday at 18h00 on David’s YouTube channel – Dave’s Kitchen. It can also be watched as a recorded offering after the live broadcast. This season also incorporates a David Higgs Masterclass, and a cocktail (half) hour with George Hunter, head barman from Marble and Saint.

All proceeds from the show will be donated to the Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund. During lockdown, the fund kept hope alive in many kitchens across the country. They produced meals for the old and frail, those who’d lost their jobs, and the children who weren’t getting their meals at school. Even as restaurants have begun to reopen, the fund continues to support the industry.

Cooking for a Cause is proudly delivered by DHL and sponsored by Food Lovers Eatery, Fatti’s & Moni’s, Miele, Bacardi and Boschendal Wines. The series is produced by Premier Lifestyle and OTS Events.

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To enter – create a dish using any of the following ingredients and email it to: premierlifestylesa@gmail.com