Joburg diners who are looking for a healthy evening meal have traditionally struggled to find the perfect venue, usually having to settle for the “healthier” option offered on most restaurants’ menus. This trend is thankfully changing and Sasha Simpson’s Brik Café is leading the charge with the launch of their new summer dinner menu!

Brik’s essence and philosophy is simple – “truly sustainable, truly responsible, truly ethical and made with true consciousness”. Last week we were invited to attend the launch of the new summer menu, which will be available between 18h00 and 21h30 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just the type of cuisine needed for the scorcher of a summer we are headed into.

Upon arrival the first thing that strikes you is just what a delightful atmosphere this little gem of a restaurant has. You are surrounded by great produce all with healthy living in mind. We were left to browse and chat whilst enjoying some truly magnificent canapé style nibbles. The message of healthy and sustainable living even extended to the fresh vegetables presented in the style of a bouquet of flowers at each place setting. These veggies are sourced from a project in Bezuidenhout Park and truly highlight the difference in quality and taste of fresh picked vegetables vs. those that we purchase in our local supermarkets.

While browsing through the menu to select my main course, I was struck by just how difficult it was going to be to choose. Eventually I settled on the Gnocchi whilst #MotherFoodie, who had joined me for the evening, decided on the Linguine. Both dishes were beautifully presented and more importantly delivered layer upon layer of fresh taste combinations. There is a good balance of choices on the menu for the vegetarians and the meat lovers. The perfectly cooked steaks being enjoyed by other dinners looked divine.

For dessert we opted for the heavenly Gooseberry crumble, which must be one of the tastiest desserts I have sampled in a long time, and the decedent chocolate cake. One thing is certain, if you are going to try an evening at Brik Café, make sure you leave space for something sweet. These desserts are outstanding and that coming from someone who does not have the sweetest tooth!

There is also a fabulous wine list to choose from and these wines are selected with great care to perfectly compliment the meal that one is enjoying. This they do to absolute perfection.

Having enjoyed a lunch at Brik when they first opened, I knew that the perfect way to round off the meal was with a double espresso as the coffee is right up there with the best in Joburg.

I always feel that a crucial element of dining out is the service and often good service can be hard to find. This is not the case at Brik! The staff take customer service to the next level. What a pleasure it is to communicate with well trained, knowledgeable, friendly and informed staff who are on a mission to ensure you have the perfect dining experience.Overall this was an outstanding evening and left me looking forward to my next visit to Brik to sample more of what they have to offer. Brik’s summer dinner menu is one you must try for yourself so make a reservation and discover just how amazing healthy and sustainable eating can be!

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