Even as an avid health fanatic and fitness junkie, like everyone else, I do get the craving for a little sweet spoil every now and again. It’s always such a mission when I do through because there is never anything in the house and I tend to end up grabbing something fairly mediocre and not exactly emotionally fulfilling.So, it was with interest that I stumbled on a website called sweetiebox.co.za that claimed to deliver high end sweet treats in a box to your door on a monthly basis, with each month being a different selection of treats to satisfy all your cravings. I waited eagerly for my box to arrive so I could discover what was hiding inside.

Upon arrival the first thing that struck me was how beautifully packaged the offering is. A simple high quality branded cardboard box just begging to be opened. Lifting the lid, expecting the goodies to “jump out” at me I was further surprised to see sealed tissue paper with a “what’s in the box” leaflet on top. Too eager to read the information I carefully peeled back the foil seal on the tissue paper to revel the beautifully packaged sweet treats.

The May box contained Swedish Fish, Cherry Twists, Grandino Hazelnut Crème Cookies, Marshmallow Fluff, Nutters Brittle and Sugared Pastilles and all in very good quantities. Essentially this was undoubtedly a box of treats that would last a sensible sweet eating family the month and for me, an over sensible sweet eater much longer! The quality of the offering is top notch which truly makes a difference as often bulk sweet treats can miss the mark by quite some distance but this offering not only hits the mark it hits it dead centre of the bullseye.

Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription-based offering and with the monthly price being just R269 there is no doubt that this is an extremely good value for money concept. Obviously not knowing what is in the box on a monthly basis adds to the surprise and delight factor for the brand but I can assure all you sweet lovers out there you will not be disappointed.

So instead of dashing off to the supermarket to get your fix or spending vast amounts of money on imported sweet treats simply open your browser and go to www.sweetiebox.xo.za and place your first order. You will be hooked for sure and for us health fanatics with discipline it means we can stock pile for when those cravings do hit!The Sweetie Box experience is best summed up by their tagline, ”Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”

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