Sweet Summer Satisfaction

Since its reinvention in early 2016, the ice-cream sandwich is proving not just a fad but a phenomenon that’s here to stay. It is perhaps the most indulgent and waistline-expanding form of ice cream there is. Because since ice cream isn’t calorific enough, cramming it between chewy, moist cookies will fulfill any extravagant craving you may have.

When the opportunity to start my Friday with this delectable dessert arose, I voluntarily skipped breakfast and gladly obliged. From the moment you step into Crumbs & Cream, it’s evident that it is not just about the dessert but the entire experience. The ambience exudes playfulness, fun, warmth and nostalgia with its bright colours, quirky set-up and unique seating (think actual swings).

Inside Crumbs and Cream Sea Point

Sisters, Shahar and Or continuously amaze with their imaginative take on the ice-cream sandwich and their innovative summer menu is bound to keep you coming for more. The dessert options have no end, think cookie dough, peanut butter bombs, half/half brownie & choc-chip, cinnamon roll, waffles additional to the usual flavours (Oreo, rainbow, churros, red velvet, milk tart..). And that is just the cookies. Once you finally wrack your brains to settle on that the daunting task to make yet another decision appears; Ice-cream, the creamy dreamy filling in-between. At Crumbs & Cream, you get to choose between everyday flavours you’ve heard of before, to the extraordinary flavours like Oreo monster, kinder bueno, chocolate peanut butter, churros and rainbow white chocolate *insert emojie with big eyes*. Last but not least, you get to customize the additional toppings to make your sandwich furthermore presentable (remember to take a snap of your creation, because if it isn’t posted it never happened ;).

The combinations are endless so that each time you visit it will be a whole new experience. There is something for everyone with vegan friendly and sugar free options also available. A variety of hot and cold beverages and a summer special shakes series of Nutella, churros or cookie flavoured can also be paired with your ice-cream sandwich.

Crumbs and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches

So do yourself a favour, skip a meal (or two) and head down to Crumbs & Cream. You won’t be disappointed. Although I take no responsibility for the outcome! 😊

After a great deal of taste testing, I settled on the delectable combination of Red Velvet Cookie, Oreo Monster ice-cream, Smarties and my favourite, the Nutella injection. Not only did it make an attractive picture but it tasted even better than it looked. What a great way to start my weekend!

Crumbs & Cream Locations

Crumbs and Cream Beverages, Cookies, Ice Cream


16 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town
SUN-THURS: 10am – 11:30pm


Food truck can be found between the Aquarium and Watershed Market.
OPEN DAILY: 10am – 7pm


The Jo’burg store is located at Illovo Junction, cnr Oxford Road & Corlett Drive
OPEN DAILY: 11am – 11pm

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